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  1. I got killie too Tried the manager one a couple of times and kept getting Derek mcinnes. I feel ashamed
  2. Ha, when you had a teacher who went mad with the strap, it became like a sport to try and get them to have a mental breakdown. Everyone would take turns misbehaving to wind them up, a bit like Aberdeen players taking turns to foul the opposition....
  3. 70s legend john saxon 84, couple of days ago
  4. I was in Tesco in Irvine today, it was quite busy but I only saw 1 single man not wearing one you're right about the specs though, bugger of a job with them steaming up, still, the more I use one i'm sure i'll get the hang of it
  5. maybes he's two footed, i'm two footed shame they're both s**te....
  6. it'll be the one with union flags and fat sevco fans in it....
  7. Is that per day? Or can they do several batches a day?
  8. What's the testing capacity of a single machine? Surely a few clubs could club together and use a single one cutting costs?
  9. Think it looks one of the better sponsors logos we've had, certainly much better than the orange qts
  10. Would prefer Devlin Mackay on crutches
  11. that's an interesting point, every season ticket includes 20%vat which the club will have already paid to the tax man, if the club paid back the percentage of ticket not used to fans, then they'd be able to claim the vat part back. if the fans then returned their payment to the club in return for shares then the club would be 20% better off minus costs . bit of a palaver though
  12. how much do you think referees not being swayed by the crowd is contributing to loss of home advantage?
  13. The ultimate proof that the union isn't working

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