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  1. i watched about an hour of it on a hesgoals stream of rangers tv. clive tyldsley continually coming out with what a good game it was whilst we're watching umpteen minutes of sideways passing, his pants must have been roasting
  2. i understand the desire not to have to handle cash, but how hard is it to just put a contactless card reader into one of the turnstiles and let walk up fans just pay that way?
  3. the bit with the guy stood in a studio was quite entertaining tbf
  4. good luck to him, he might have been s**te for us but still deserves to earn himself a living somewhere
  5. Are they better negotiators or are they just independent countries whose media and companies don't give their neighbours most of the money and throw them the scraps?
  6. i've listened to 3 sportsound programmes so far this season, and in every one willie miller has made a point of repeatedly mentioning that all the big teams are back in the premier now. he really is the most odious old c**t ever to be employed to talk s**te on the bbc, and thats quite some accolade
  7. thank god they're out, can enjoy the rest of the tournament now oh......
  8. Good luck to him, it's his life and he can do what he wants
  9. quite torn at the moment, having been a teenager in the 80s i quite fancy the idea of following the team home and away in the championship, the footballing equivalent of reliving your youth. on the other hand the thought of bowie and jamieson sitting in the directors box smirking like a pair of untouchable frauds utterly sickens me
  10. He wasn't my choice at the time, but deserves a summer transfer window to build his own team whatever division we're in
  11. I though he was just pumped up at restoring the lead after losing a 2 goal lead. Didn't last long though....
  12. if st mirren score you'll deserve a world record of reds for that
  13. aldo

    Keeper gtf

    did we get him from a circus? the number of times he juggled the ball from even the easiest of catches, just needs a big red nose and clown shoes
  14. Get rid of the hand and just have a single squirrel sitting on top of the ball doing the hand gesture with his nuts dangling. Irn bru stylee
  15. Blow the full time whistle ref
  16. My older brother had a set in the seventies. The white strip with the blue panel on the front. Don't know if he still has it. IIRC the box said kilmarnock and a couple of other teams
  17. Bloody hell. Have we officially reached peak craigie?🤣
  18. Disappointed by the lack of use of cockwomble on this thread when talking about Doncaster
  19. Did he mention how long he plans to play for? Hopefully he's got a few years left in him
  20. Johnnie Wright doesn't sound the brightest spark
  21. I got killie too Tried the manager one a couple of times and kept getting Derek mcinnes. I feel ashamed
  22. Ha, when you had a teacher who went mad with the strap, it became like a sport to try and get them to have a mental breakdown. Everyone would take turns misbehaving to wind them up, a bit like Aberdeen players taking turns to foul the opposition....
  23. 70s legend john saxon 84, couple of days ago
  24. I was in Tesco in Irvine today, it was quite busy but I only saw 1 single man not wearing one you're right about the specs though, bugger of a job with them steaming up, still, the more I use one i'm sure i'll get the hang of it