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  1. 2 goals in 7 apps. Just always feel he tries far too hard and ends up choosing the wrong options constantly v them.
  2. I would say it’s the opposite. He always appears to try too hard and does very little
  3. Maybe he wants to watch it in a pub though? Why do folk think they can just make assumptions about folks circumstances on here
  4. I’d drop him because it’s against Hamilton. They are s**te and we should be able to create without him. I would rather keep him for the St Mirren and Motherwell games where it might be a bit tougher
  5. I would play McGowan in this one. He will know all about accies and they have Templeton wide left who is a good player. Might be slightly harsh on Millen but I thought he was poor yesterday.
  6. I actually think broadfoot has been okay recently. I did think about switching out waters and wouldn’t be against it tbf but just kept him in as I wouldn’t want to make too many changes
  7. Rogers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Waters McKenzie Mulumbu Tshibola Kiltie Brophy Kabamba I would rest Burke and save him for future games. Think he’s been off it recently and could do with a rest plus McKenzie always seems to do well v Accies.
  8. Why do folk overreact on here so much after defeats? Kabamba was the best thing since sliced bread last week and now he is s**te. He had a poor game yesterday but that will happen. He has had far more good performances than bad ones for us, which is not bad going considering the level he came from.
  9. That makes absolutely no sense. Win the next three games but it still won’t be enough? What else can he do then?
  10. He’s played about 10 minutes
  11. I thought Tish had a poor game today, his first of the season though tbf.
  12. Lump the ball to Burke, he runs it to absolutely nowhere, repeat. Story of the game so far for us
  13. Findlay has been absolutely pish this season. Get Dikamona in for a bit