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  1. £30 increase for me cos no early bird sure the seniors was £190 last year with early bird offer
  2. for us auld blind buggers, much prefer a solid colour on the back so I have half a chance of seeing who the hell scored
  3. allybee


    shut ya clever clogs
  4. allybee


    Guys, can anyone remember us having a badge just KFC at an angle, just seen a photo of Eddie Morrison scoring against ayr wearing it. I have a vaque memory and pretty sure it was never on the stripes just an all blue strip.
  5. he gives me the fear, on the few occasions he does come for anything including passbacks he is as slow as a week in the jail.
  6. Broadfoot back, announced
  7. thank you, I accept the job
  8. showing my age now, but I have seen so many great players, Pele .De Stefano, Puskas Santamaria. Cruyff, Baxter, Best, Eusabio all seen in the flesh and at their peak.
  9. could not care less if he never moved a muscle, so long as he scored goals
  10. I might be wrong here...…… but it looks like a no
  11. told to find a new club by Hearts. could he do a job for us?
  12. given what they got for teirney, then I honestly do not think 7-10 million is out of order for Taylor
  13. I would take him ….with reservations

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