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  1. Can anyone tell me how to delete my account from this forum please? I’ve tried but must be missing something. If I can’t can one of the moderators or main person delete it please?
  2. All about opinions. All hypothetical as you say. I disagree, I think it would’ve been 3 defeats with a worse than 0-3 aggregate.
  3. Now you’re making things up or getting mixed up.......I never said on players available, I said squad of players. You’re bringing in players missing through injury/suspension; that’s all part of the context of a full season.
  4. Were you confident Killie would’ve picked up any points in the last 3 games had AA still been there?
  5. No, based on performances and squad of players in comparison to others in the context of a full season.
  6. Yeah, I can understand that. It’s not an ideal situation. But it’s not AD’s fault. And I’d rather have him in charge than AA.
  7. Not sure what you mean. I may be wrong but I think you’re saying AA in 5th everything fine/AD 7th everything crap. If so I think you need a slightly bigger field of vision. You’re looking at it like an on-off switch.
  8. I didn’t tell you anything....once or twice. My reply originally was to Gaz 20/20 and my second Dieter Heeder. What you think about or do with dung is your prerogative.
  9. I’ve already had this discussion with Gaz and Squirrel... but briefly, a 38 game season has a finish-position where a team deserves to be. Like last season we finished 3rd deservedly so. At 18 or so games we were top; a false position in the context of a full season as no-one thought we were going to finish there. But we were there at the time and it was great. Killie under AA were in a false position in 5th....had he had the whole season I dread to think where we’d’ve finished.
  10. No, I mean better than things are at the moment. As I told you before Killie were in a false position sitting 5th. They were/are in with the County’s, Hamilton’s, Livi’s, and St Mirren’s of the league. People seem to grasp onto this ‘AA had us in 5th’ as if that means everything was fine. If they thought that then they either don’t know too much about football, had their heads in the sand or are just saying it in what is presumably some sort of face-saving argument because they were sure AA was a fab appointment.
  11. I watched that all the way through. I didn’t watch all of AA’s first interview, I had to switch off half way through. Best of luck to the big guy. It’ll be tough going for him (I imagine) but I’m confident things will get better.
  12. He’s done very little at anytime he’s played for Killie...and sometimes it’s been less than that. Skilful player, would stand out playing with his mates but almost completely ineffective in the context of a professional top-flight football team. A total waste of resources extending his contract.
  13. Larry is a liability. JMcD has been a very good and consistent performer for Killie. Unless they can get better, get him back.
  14. I agree he’s too good for Killie, but that was always the case. But circumstances may favour him coming on loan for the last few months of the season. It’d be another chance for him to get games and put himself in the shop window as he’s not even on the bench in Watford’s league games. The only negative from his point of view is Killie aren’t as high profile as they were last season.
  15. Certainly hope it’s true. Remember someone on here last season saying Kiltie wasn’t at Killie’s level anymore and while it was difficult to disagree at the time due to Killie being very good under Clark, our level has dropped since then. He should have been given the chance under AA.
  16. It’s because there are a lot of muppets on here that criticise in a scatter-gun style and that really don’t understand what they’re talking about. This leaves rational and sensible people struggling to understand some folks. I wouldn’t go expecting an answer to your Fowler question either....these people tend to be unable to put forward a cogent response to back-up their point.
  17. That’s not all he was full of.
  18. That’s an absolute belter. LOL!!!
  19. Bravo! Spot-on! Well said that chap/chap-ess Totally agree.
  20. Totally agree (superb a bit ott), but baffling as you say.
  21. Killie’s first objective at the start of every season is avoid relegation....we haven’t done that this season....until we do that we’re always going to have a relegation threat. Last two seasons: 1) avoid relegation.....job done 2) try for top-six.......job done 3) then as many points as we can.
  22. Bit of an ambiguous question, ie I’m not happy they appointed AA as it indicated poor decision making and they took a hugh gamble. Quite shocked when I saw AA’s first interview. Felt right from the start it was a mistake. But having got themselves into a mess with it I’m happy they have made the correct decision for now. For me in their position it is the sensible thing to do.