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  1. Killiekirkie

    Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    A think the first game after the split is old firm play each other. seem to recall this being decided a few years ago for each season.
  2. Killiekirkie

    Lee McCulloch

    If he does well the next few games, more likely he will finish off at Rangers.
  3. Killiekirkie

    Gary holt

    Maybe MJ is going in April and that is how he is showing interest.
  4. Killiekirkie

    Peter and Lee

    Don't Stay Away Too Long
  5. Killiekirkie

    Season Ticket Survey

  6. Killiekirkie

    Killie Trust

    Anybody having issues with joining The Trust online. Tried 5 or 6 times cannot get past D.O.B pop up box, if I do unable to put donation in keeps blank no keyboard appears.
  7. Killiekirkie

    AGM (merged)

    I see on the accounts that John Micheal Johnston is different from us he is " Bristish"

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