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  1. BlueKillie

    Season Playlist

    Just skipped the first 8 videos
  2. BlueKillie

    Goal of the Season

    There is one on the YouTube channel. Unable to get a link for you at the moment
  3. BlueKillie

    Goal of the Season

    Personally while Jones was a marvelous piece of individual skill. Boyd v Dundee as a team goal with great movement and while being down to 10 men gets my pick.
  4. BlueKillie

    Goal of the Season

    And here's the poll:
  5. BlueKillie

    Miles Storey

    To be quite honest, after the start we had it was looking like Erwin and Brophy were going to be on par with Storey and Sammon. These sort of things are always nice in hindsight
  6. BlueKillie

    Stadium Renovations

    Yeah, didn't SC say the reason Hibs beat us post-split was because they played very open and stretched the park which didn't suit us? Would be surprised if the pitch got changed next season.
  7. BlueKillie

    Ian Wilson

    On the subject of Kiltie. Lad hasn't had a pre-season in what... 3 years? 2 at least. Hopefully gets back to his old self with one under his belt
  8. BlueKillie

    Season tickets

    In and out of renewing at The Killie Zone in less than 5 minutes. Taken my money as easy as any other shop... Weird that
  9. BlueKillie

    QTS Bought Out

    yeah that would be the existing deal he's talking about
  10. BlueKillie

    Feed for tonight's game

    yea no audio
  11. BlueKillie

    Feed for tonight's game

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta4bdzEfXnA working
  12. BlueKillie

    QTS Bought Out

    Was announced last month IIRC
  13. BlueKillie

    Feed for tonight's game

    Guaranteed to be on Youtube, will be able to post a link nearer kick off
  14. BlueKillie

    Season tickets

    I'd be more intrigued to know how many of this 1000 are brand new buyers and not renewals. Not that it matters, 1k in a week is still 1k in a week
  15. BlueKillie

    Next season ambition

    Good cup run and top 6. See where we are at the time of the split before aiming for more. Right now my hopes for the future is to be never outside the top 6 again, then we can start to go for higher.

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