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  1. Sorry 5 but point stands
  2. We're getting there now but let's not forget we lost 7 in a row in the league under him. Things are looking up now though thankfully
  3. Might sound like a silly question, but half season are available for all home stands and not just Moffat?
  4. May have picked up a thing or two from Pasca
  5. I'm there for first time on Saturday. Also first time in Frank beattie stand since the Celtic title winning party.
  6. "Other teams are just as bad as us" Just not good enough to beat us?
  7. Space opened up after the goal and with Burke and Thomas coming in we were more dangerous going forward because St Mirren were chasing the game. Would like to see DT start next game. Dicker absolutely strolled this game, easy MotM even without the goal. I'd also take five 1-0 games than one game at 5-0. If we compete in every game, score and then shut up shop then that's fine by me. Under SC I feel we were more attacking in the sense that we were usually chasing the game in the first half after conceding early.
  8. I believe it was only posted on Facebook and Twitter
  9. I don't think the boy taking the kick off actually passed to anyone, tapped it forward then played on by himself lol.
  10. I'm no stats wizz but I'd hazard a guess so far he's done it better.
  11. I also noticed he is a hell of a lot more commanding now. Could hear him all game shouting at the back line to move up. That was something I thought we sorely lacked from missing Bachman, you could hear him the other side of town on game day. Also noticed he was communicating with the GK coach as well during the game.