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  1. I've parked before on the on street parking next to the council building on Beckford Street, just a quick walk down to the the away end around the Morrisons, and has the added advantage of in my experience being fairly smooth getting out of and avoiding the tailbacks from the football traffic.
  2. Mulumbu was outstanding today, though an extra vote for the 2 East stand ball boys at the half way line who were quite entertaining in 2nd half!
  3. Cheers for that. I wasn't planning on being in Killie till 11:30 so could have been in a bit of bother there!
  4. What is the latest time you can buy tickets tomorrow? I had a season ticket last season and happy to fill out a form, bought a ticket for the Celtic game day of the game no problem but was able to go down early doors that day, might be a bit more tight for time tomorrow.
  5. Horrible news, best wishes to Bobby and his family.
  6. I disagree with this sentiment that he is the best striker at the club currently and our top goalscorer means we should not want Boyd to leave. It's not as if he's currently our top scorer with 6-7 league goals challenging the top of the goalscoring charts, he's scored 3 league goals, same amount as JJ, and scored a further 3 in league cup group stage (2 of these 3 came against League 2 Annan) Furthermore his physical condition earlier in the season was woeful for a supposed top flight football player (never mind 1st choice striker and captain) and he has written a few managerial t
  7. It seems to me that he is so aware of his Killie connection through his father and he is so desperate to never be seen to favour us that it actually affects his ability to do his job correctly, bordering on incompetence. Yesterday there are 2/3 massive decisions that he screwed up that could have had a major impact on the game and us. He doesn't give a penalty for O'Connor climbing all over Erwin in the box, obvious foul and would have been given if anywhere else in the pitch. If we convert the penalty and the rest of the game pans out like it did we are at 2-2 2nd one is in t
  8. What a signing this is. I also liked how in the interview when asked what he knew of Scottish football he didn't trot out the party line of being aware of Rangers and Celtic, even though the will have been aware of the two having played with Dorrans, Naismith, Whittaker & Lafferty at Norwich.
  9. When we replace the carpet we will more than likely be needing a favour of one or two teams to postpone or switch venues for the first month or two of the season, we will however, not be going out with the begging bowl to potentially inconvenience the same club twice. Remember we have already done Hearts a favour by switching the fixtures around. This game was scheduled to be played at Rugby Park with our earlier meeting due to be in Edinburgh, but we agreed to switch around to assist them getting the stand ready hence why we had 4 homes at the start of the season and now find ourselves
  10. Yes he was on trial with St Johnstone and released as his fitness was not up to scratch, and we picked him up afterwards. However that was post January window where he had potentially not played in 6 months, if Clarke goes for some free agents now you would hope they have had a decent pre season somewhere to keep themselves fit and only been out of action for 2-3 months.
  11. Rangers did die but unfortunately before they died they were Scotland's most successful club, so IMO stay top but with a wee * next to it and then at the bottom another wee * with an explanation of how Rangers were liquidated in 2012 and replaced by a new club Sevco Scotland 5088 AKA The Rangers FC. Which to put us back on topic would place us 6th as I agree with you Queen's Park point plus the fact they haven't graced the top league in 59 years (according to wikipedia) and we are on a 25 year top league run with 2 cups thrown in for good measure.
  12. it is a difficult one as I do wish Boyd well in whatever career he decides to follow after hanging up his boots, it is just the way he is going about forging this new career spouting about the huns constantly whilst still a registered player at a rival team that is infuriating. I completely understand that he has to play to the masses and given he is not the most naturally articulate of characters this is his in to a sports broadcasting career so he has to go with it. He would also get a slightly less hard time I believe he was properly winding down his footballing career in the Ch
  13. If he has applied it would suggest he is interested. Most people when applying for a job will contact the company/recruitment agent for more detail on the role before agreeing to progress the application and the company inviting the person to interview. In the real world this salary detail will usually be a few grand per year over/under the candidates expectations. Given Clarke has managed in the premiership and would have been on tens of thousands a week, then it would suggest at least if he has applied he has done some research into salary etc and it is at a level he his happy to
  14. From what's been touted so far, given Jack Ross and James Fowler did a great job saving St Mirren last season and currently have them sitting top of the championship I would be selling Bowie's monster truck collection to make St Mirren an offer. However I doubt St Mirren would allow us to speak to them and if Ross would be interested in swapping a shot at a title and promotion over a relegation battle. Fowler could also be a shout on his own, was highly regarded as U20 coach before he left, was assistant manager at QOTS before taking over as manager and doing a decen
  15. Agree it is very much an individuals choice what they do with their time and money. The fact the guy makes the effort to attend a few games a season should be commended. As you say he has probably posted about it in the wrong place, I suppose it has generated a discussion. I think maybe what has generated a lot of the comments is the fact he has came home with a plan to see two games and decided to cut it short.

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