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  1. A league game that is, played in Europe though against shelbourne and that was his lot
  2. For players who were s**t and named after a s**t, see my profile pic
  3. Fair play to you mate. It's great we are getting to hear directly from players, just a wee bit too much cheese on my bagel Gerry. Keep up the good work
  4. Why do they insist on speaking like Jim white in a bad episode of early 90s sportscene?
  5. McDonald's best days prob behind him but for a few seasons he was outstanding for us when we had a lot of dross in front of him. Mackay looked good when he came on as sub v rangers last game of last season but nobody seems to know where he is or what's wrong with him?
  6. So the general consensus is branescu is a bit of a loose cannon and koprivec is as much use as Francois duberdeau. With Lyle the only other option and I've heard he is suspect for reserves the club surely needs to clarify what's going on with Mackay and McDonald? Does anyone know?
  7. Very unusual to have no social media coverage then? If a free agent is playing then "we need to know"
  8. Was this a reserve league game?
  9. Good option coming off bench
  10. Wonder what the small print is on these loan agreements? Can we recall in emergencies? Same question applies to McDonald at alloa
  11. Still genuinely wondering if you know who our head scout is?
  12. Good point. Who is head scout?
  13. Bunn was a dyer contact. Tish, mulumbu and broadfoot all ex players who presumably were all still in contact with dyer. I'll give fowler the benefit of the doubt and guess that Kabamba was sourced through north east contact from his short stint at Sunderland. Yes he answers some questions well but questions still remain about his contacts and ability to sell the club to targets.
  14. Hope there is a few free agents in our sights. Did tish sign for someone after being released by Belgian team?

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