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  1. Well said from her in her speech tonight calling out the the scum this Tory Party are.
  2. 4 1 at the scum takes some beating.
  3. That was dire tonight but i agree we will win league this is the worst championship in recent years if we cant past teams like Inverness Arbroath God help us.
  4. utter pish sooner burke back the better no creativety
  5. Tesco petrol forecourt shut, Morrisons shut too . big queques at Shell ripped off at Burnpark garage as only last week was the cheapest in town welcome to Brexit land.
  6. Ian Fallis yes sadly missed his brother a regular in the East Stand.
  7. 2 0 killie top of the league Friday.
  8. Came across these in the attic last time i was at gayfield still in my teens hopefully not the same score lost 3 2. Apolgises cant rotate some of them.
  9. Hope they stay have a soft spot for as holidayed up there in the 70s and usually visit once a year but hoping killie come back with a 2 0 win and show intent why we are the favs to win this league.
  10. Looks like the oil sheiks mistake not signing Harry Kane could come back to haunt them.
  11. Time to ban these outdated sectarian b.lls**t on both sides the OMO men and The celebrants of the Easter Rising .
  12. RIP Jimmy what a player and character.
  13. Many a trip to Arbroath Peppos best fish and chips in Arbroath.
  14. Correct had the privilge of speaking to Tommy at The Park Hotel celebrating 50 years of killies 1965 winning team always spoke highly of our club.
  15. Not in the same class as the great Tommy Mclean.
  16. Queens mate at game today says they have a beast of a man in Jon Noble up front who is their main danger.
  17. Seems they had a player sent off today so should miss Fridays game.
  18. Will be top of the league Friday night.