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  1. It was howling and I don't think theres many folk 'happy' with the result but find it acceptable. We're not going to win every match, there were people concerned about result against ayr at home, queens then thistle and we came out the other side. 16 points from 7 games isnt too bad a return
  2. It wasnt pretty, it wasn't a great performance and we struggled to break them down, but i think we will need to get used to that this season. We got the result and thats all that matters at the end of the day. A lot of teams will come to RP and be delighted with a draw so it'll be frustrating, hopefully be different away when teams come at us and it suits us. Horrible, mundane, boring 1-0 wins every week will win us the league and on a Saturday night the fans will be happy. What will going with an attacking 442 achieve, maybe a 3-0 win... or maybe exposed and a defeat. We won a few games ugly under Clarke but at the end of the day the fans care about the result.... apart from on here.
  3. Did Craig David not sing a song about that? "Gave pelters to Rory on Tuesday, Moved onto Blair Alston by Wednesday, And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday its Innes or Haunstrup"
  4. Matt Kennedy is out injured for a couple months so can't see us bringing him in just now.
  5. Agree with this, I'd say the majority of our support are in the other camp that you mention, up until Saturday i felt it was the most unified the support has been since SC days and everyone pulling in the same direction to back the team. Regardless of peoples individual attribute comparisons between last seasons players and their replacements, I'm glad to see the back of every single one of them from last year and much happier with the guys who have come in.
  6. Deary me; no-one can argue with the quality we had in the side at that time but Killie weren't lucky to have those 'international' players, Killie made most them international players. Apart from Broadfoot who was as much an international player with us as Robert Prytz was. O'Donnell, Taylor, Findlay and Jones wouldn't have been close if it wasn't for Killie. You're not going to replace them with international players, in fact 5 of them don't even play international any more. We are a championship club now so need to be realistic, I'm more than happy with our signings and they have a togetherness and mentality that was completely lacking last season... from what ive seen so far
  7. There is a whisper that theres a player from Hibs coming in to be fair.
  8. He's played nearly 100 PL games so hes clearly capable and TW thinks so, and has done well first few games, Cameron scored a few in this league last season but everyone agrees we need a striker or 2. There was a good few who said Dunfermline would be big challengers as they have good players, and look how thats going for them so far (granted its still early doors). I thought winning first 3 games would stop folk flapping, its a long season and only just started.
  9. We absolutely strolled it against Hamilton and Ayr, definitely never scraped results.
  10. We're 3 points off the top of the league, lost 1 goal in 4 games, Thistle play ICT next. Some of the reactions are embarrassing.
  11. Bad day at the office, Inverness a lot more physical than we've been up against, were also quite sharp and created a lot of space. Our midfield had an off day. Mistake for the goal is a sore one to lose the match by. Theres signings coming in the week which should make us stronger. Still not too concerned. Some massive massive over-reactions in Rugby Park, and probably in here, today.
  12. And going to scupper Rangers attempt to sign Jardel in the process by applying for the last work permit 😂 Trolling Rangers before trolling was a thing
  13. I dont agree, we were on a downward spiral under Dyer and if Covid hadnt ended the season early we could well have gone down the season before. We were 6 points ahead of Hamilton, with 8 games to play and we hadnt won in 4 games, having lost 3 and had just been beaten through there. Its a bit blinkered to say theres no chance we were going down. And what exactly did Covid derail, we were awful?
  14. Thought we were really good again today. Came out flying, comfortable pretty much throughout, lacked a bit of a cutting edge first half. Two excellent goals and a good win at a place we have struggled over the years. Impressed with how the team have gelled already, early days but league table looking good and actually enjoying the football again.
  15. We dont and we had a great squad of players under clarke, it all just came together, none of them would still be here irrespective of circumstances. Outwith Lafferty every single player this season is an improvement on last season going by last seasons performances, and I'd be extremely confident that this seasons team would comfortably beat last seasons, which is a terrible reflection on last seasons excuse of a team considering we have dropped a level.