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  1. The players union in Scotland is going search throughout the world for the best possible option, both personally and financially, for every single player then negotiate their contracts for them? I think thats quite an ask and not really within their remit. I understand it is frustrating at times at a club like ours, where agents play a part in players leaving but it works both ways, and theres a lot of players we have picked up through the years due to agents informing us of their availability and interest. Yes theres no doubt they make too much money, but there is definitely a requirement for them in the game.
  2. They also help players get the best possible deal for themselves and not get exploited by clubs. Would you have a talented teenager going in and representing himself in contract negotiations?
  3. They had that in Hungary at the Ferencvaros v Debrecen match, it split opinions but i preferred it. Its not that uncommon in some countries. In Kiev at the Scotland match a few years back they played crowd noises through the speakers to make it seem more intimidating atmosphere than what it was.
  4. St Mirren after Alex Gogic from Hamilton on a free. Hes a decent player, effective and would do a job for us.
  5. Because Dyer is absolutely clueless and we are only going to go one way if he gets the job.
  6. Dyers points per game was narrowly ahead of Hearts. I'd like to think we would be aiming for better.
  7. That strip will certainly appeal to a certain unsavoury section of the community, until Castore release their big clubs jersey.
  8. A couple of them like gold dust these days. Korea top and white AT Mays one are crackers.
  9. We've had some big name signings who were coups in their own right until they started playing and didnt live up to expectations. Samassi Abou and Julien Faubert for example.
  10. Exactly is absolutely embarrassing Rangers trying to take the moral high ground here again. "It's only fair we void the league as theres more important things going on in the world than football, theres people dying, and we're really compassionate, thats the only reason, honestly."

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