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  1. No its an average result, losing is a poor result and winning is a good result.
  2. Why? We lost to Hamilton, Motherwell, St Johnstone and St Mirren with him in charge?
  3. Only if we turn performances into wins, if the current form continues throughout the season we will be about the 25 points mark. St Johnstone on saturday will show where we are as a difficult game at ibrox following week and no wins from first 5 wouldn't be a good position to be in, irrespective of performances.
  4. 2 points out of 9 isn't a great start to the season.
  5. Changing the name of Rugby Park without so much as a warning. They can piss off with that.
  6. I also hope we get results on the park, as every Killie fan does. What makes you think that Dyer is the best man for the job considering his lack of managerial experience, poor record so far and the fact there was no proper recruitment process. I may be proven wrong but I'm not sure how he can be seen as best man for the job when we didn't even carry out interviews this time around.....
  7. Of course your opinion is more than a bit biased on the whole situation, as it has been since Clarke left. You're only backing Dyer because Clarke brought him in, his record is considerably worse than Alessios and that can't be disputed.
  8. I have watched it numerous times, Boyle runs across broadfoot who doesn't match his run and can't catch him. Boyle rounds the keeper who shouldn't be there anyway, Broadfoot gets back in time to attempt to block the shot from the guy he was marking and stumbles. Where is this incorrect?
  9. Broadfoot got caught with Boyle running across him and left him one on one with the keeper, Broadfoot eventually got back and fell when he went to block it. Its hard to tell whether you are trolling or just completely clueless when it comes to all aspects of football.
  10. He certainly didnt prove that in the slightest. Did you miss the boy leaving him in no mans land at the first goal?
  11. Looking back at yesterday retrospectively i don't actually think we are too far off it. It was disappointing but from the highlights none of the other teams look too clever so far. From what i would suggest is our strongest 11 only Findlay out of the defence would be a starter as well as missing our left winger and main striker. Hibs is always a difficult place to go. Obviously Dyer has different ideas however I'd say our best 11 looks something like:- Rogers(?) McGowan New CB Findlay Haunstrup Burke Tshibola Power Pinnock(?) Kabamba Brophy If we can get going i dont see why we couldnt be pushing for the 5th European spot this season, as mentioned we need to turn performances into results though and hopefully this doesn't turn into a regular event as it did last season as we didn't play too badly.
  12. This 100%, you'd think they might learn. It might all change come 5pm tomorrow right enough
  13. "Here lads, yous getting anything aff these?"
  14. Captain Chongo! "Here lads I've been up all night, do i look awrite?"
  15. Must have some weight in them!

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