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  1. Back on topic. Brilliant to see a local family business grow to the extent they can sustainably commit to such a sizable investment in their local football club. For John and family, this milestone must be up there with lifting British Baker of the Year in 2003 and Scottish Baker of the Year in 2018. A continuous success story. Led by one of the finest and kindest Ayrshire has to offer. Well done John Gall.
  2. More evidence we shouldnt accept gambling companies as our shirt or league & cup title sponsors. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51176275 Hamilton Accies: Brian Rice admits gambling breaches as head coach says he 'self-reported' Hamilton Accies boss Brian Rice has been charged with breaching Scottish FA gambling rules and says he wrote to the governing body to "self-report". The 56-year-old has been accused of breaching the rules in each season from 14 July 2015 to 15 October 2019. Rice, who has previously admitted to gambling addiction, faces a hearing on 30 January. "I would like to express my regret to the players, coaching staff and my friends and colleagues," he said. 'We will help him through this' - Accies chairman Maitland Rice 'excited' by 'fantastic' cup draw with Rangers Rice, who became Accies head coach in January 2019, described it as a "lapse" in a statement on his club's website in which Hamilton say they have co-operated fully with the association throughout the investigation period. He was accused of breaching disciplinary rule 31, which states that "no club, official, team official or other member of team staff, player, match official or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall gamble in any way on a football match". The former Hibernian, Nottingham Forest and Falkirk midfielder could face a suspension of at least three matches and a maximum of 16 plus a £100,000 fine. "This decision was one of the hardest I have had to take, but in a way also the easiest," he said. "I have made no secret of the fact that I have struggled with the disease that is gambling addiction in the past. "The reality is I am an addict and, while I have been proud of the fact I have been in recovery from this disease, a key part of the recovery programme is honesty: honesty to myself and honesty to those who have and who continue to support me, including my family and my football family at Hamilton." It is understood that Rice "reached out" to the SFA about the offences, which have led to one charge for each of the previous five seasons. "I wrote a letter to the Scottish FA self-reporting my gambling and did so as an admission that my disease has returned in order that I commit to recovery," he said. "I accept that a breach of the rules will come with punishment and I accept that. The reason I am speaking out is to remove the stigma attached to this horrible, isolating disease in the hope that those involved in Scottish football who are similarly in its grasp feel they can seek help and draw strength from my admission. "After committing to recovery I cannot believe that I have found myself back in the grip of gambling addiction, but this disease is not cured with a finite course of treatment." Rice's statement and Hamilton's support for their head coach have been described as "brave" by Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson, who said on Twitter: "Gambling is a disease and hypocrisy in football is rife - shirt sponsors, FA goals rights sold to betting websites - without acknowledgement of human cost."
  3. Knowing the new name made the Google easy. Not much info out there yet. https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/become-an-agent-for-new-killie-cares-fund/
  4. Yep, still operates under the name of the Killie Lotto, but is about to be relaunched as a community product according to a recent club announcement (was tucked in at the bottom of a weekly email or news article somewhere). Think they were planning to invite agents take them through th renewed offering.
  5. "No incident" is a phrase perhaps missing a word in the middle. "No single incident" is a more accurate statement from what I understand. He's not been relieved of his duties purely based on results. The team are 5th in the league. A poor appointment but good on the board for recognising their mistake before it went too much further. Dyer for the job once he finds the right number two.
  6. Don't worry, the Trust rep on the board will still be briefing that all is okay.
  7. Happy birthday Craigieboy! It's always great to come on here and see your unrelenting, honest enthusiasm for improving the squad amid the ups and downs of the wider forum community. Keep up the good work.
  8. Didn't see it. Most succinct summary I received was "1st half poor. 2nd half basically back to last season". That's progress!
  9. Its not about playing the same, its about achieveing the objective for that match. Last week was always going to be tough, first game of season, for new manager, in europe, small ground, 11 behind the ball, expectation etc. 1-1 was good enough last week the late goal was a huge bonus. Last night was then about managing the game. About taking control of the tie. Settling and getting a goal. Keeping it tight at the back. Moving the ball quicker. Creating more opportunities than we did the previous week. We failed. The team didnt have the direction to see their way through the tie. Game management went out the door.
  10. Prior to and after his appointment I expressed significant concern to various people (some of who are frequently posters on here). Those concerns have not gone away. On my original post I mentioned warning signs being out there for a (relatively) long time. More are popping up. Last nights game simply illustrated the impact of some of the problems. Re last week's game - I didn't think the performance was actually too much to be concerned with.
  11. Yes. Not in every scenario, but in this scenario, yes.
  12. A club with the resourced of Kilmarnock cannot afford to appoint a managers who want to bring in different systems and players, each time we change a mansger. It results in high player turnover which is the biggest wasteful cost in any football club. We've the strongest nucleus of a team we've had in at least a decade. Solid senior pros and younger players on long contracts with significant experience and value. We should have appointed a head coach or manager to build upon that, not take the team into a different way of playing. The cost of having players who dont fit a way of playing is one we cannot afford. Looking at last night, the primary job of any manager is to get the best out of the players at his disposal. Alessio completely failed at this last night, Clarke was a magician at it.

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