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  1. the doomed

    Congratulations Killie

    Come on @gdevoy, unless you were at Tynecastle in 1965 get off the fence on the bandwagon, you're not that old!
  2. the doomed

    Free Kids Season Tickets

    So it looks like adult season tickets get a free kids season ticket again. There must be plenty of people who don't have a use for their entitlement to a free kids ticket. There is an opportunity for paying adults to support and inspire the next generation of fans by donating their free ticket to a kid who otherwise may not be able to get along. What an opportunity given the season we've had... Would that club support the passing on of the free ST? Is there someone who could help facilitate it?
  3. the doomed

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Shameful copy and paste job on P&B! Daily record-esque!
  4. the doomed

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Freeview channel 720 for radio - can't find it online
  5. Really like the email newsletter that has been going out from the club at 5pm every Friday since the start of the year. Nice and simple and gives a brief update on main things of that week and look forward to the weekends match. Alex Dyer up this week with a preview of Hamilton. Worth a look. Today's is here. Archive here. Subscribe online here
  6. the doomed

    Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Was about to ask - what an achievement. Also very rare to have a manager of the year outside of the OF. ...should it happen
  7. the doomed

    Greg Taylor contract

    Okay so make it £800... He's doing well, of that there is no doubt. I suppose it all depends on who he deems his peers to be, highest earning experienced pros like Kris Boyd or improving young players who have played 50-100 games.
  8. the doomed

    Greg Taylor contract

    Make him a top earner? £750 a week plus bits and pieces and get on with playing. And if he gets his move, 10% of the kitty can go his way...
  9. the doomed

    The "What Colour is Oxford Blue" Thread

    Great to see what the complaints are coming down to these days! Does it matter what shade of blue it is? With such a fine looking model used in the pictures they will be flying off the shelf...
  10. the doomed

    Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Top man!
  11. the doomed

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Or you could just ask the club to swap it?
  12. the doomed

    Saints home, Fred

    Think Boyd was in front of GK
  13. The most expensive player we have ever sold, in the region of £2M. A highly successful player, arguably the most successful we have produced in the last 20 years. A gentleman off the pitch - who does plenty for others. A pain in the arse on the pitch (if he's in the opposition) - who does plenty for others. Never gives up. Didn't celebrate his goal against us tonight. Why the hatred? Why the abuse? Why do so many people hurl abuse at him? Shameful.
  14. the doomed

    News from Club Website on Forums?

    In your own worlds Lroy, "Don't be a dick". You wrongly confuse the relationship between the club and its fans with the poor relationship Michael Johnson has with the fans. They are entirely separate. IMO you're letting your own battles get in the way of the greater opportunity here. The news is good enough to be put on the front page of this site (which is good enough of the site to do, but not unexpected). Similarly, there are articles from the here that would be benefit from being promoted.
  15. Would it be possible to get the news stories from the club website created as threads on this forum? One of the hibs fans website has it and its a great way of stimulating forum content. Also helps the club communicate which is hugely needed. Thoughts? http://www.hibs.net/forumdisplay.php?2-hibs-net-Main-Forum

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