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  1. 151rugby

    Want a laugh... mcghee for killie

    As if NAPM need any more assistance to support their cause ........................................ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 151rugby

    Saints (a) Fred

    Brilliant result respect to the fans who made the journey, hopefully we can extend the gap next week against a Motherwell side who appear to be lost. Nice to see McKenzie and Sammon on the score sheet.
  3. 151rugby

    Gary holt

    Holt quoted as saying he wants to work with positive minded people .............. surely that rules MJ out
  4. 151rugby

    New Manager Poll

    I think it has to be McCulloch/Leven and possibly Boyd till the end of the season then if it hasn't worked out or it is deemed that it could be improved Holt and Fowler.
  5. 151rugby


    BBC reporting Stokes staying down south
  6. 151rugby

    Clark must go

    Obadaye substituted after 50 mins for Dundee Utd on Saturday Ohara in Dundee team beaten by a team from a lower league on Saturday (I thought he had something when I first saw him failed to deliver) Higginbotham substituted after 45 mins on Saturday Aaron Splaine now with Stranraer Slater (wanted a move) now playing for Colchester League 2 Ashcroft now with Dunfermline Sorry don't see any world beaters in there all showed promise but failed to deliver if I have missed a player who could realistically be valued at anywhere near £1m let me know, otherwise accept the board is the problem and the manager is doing his best with both hands tied behind his back
  7. 151rugby

    Billy Brown says we're down.

    Shame its taken 6-7 years for him to speak out and at the end of their era the football was woeful . Bearing in mind his buddy JJ's son in law was jettisoned to allow the new manager to take his place. MJ is Kilmarnock's biggest issue.
  8. 151rugby

    Clark must go

    I want MJ to go as much as most fans but here we have a manager who saved us from relegation via playoffs, jettisoned (rightly in my view) many of the players who got us into that situation and decided to remain to build a team better than last year with limited funds courtesy of the Board. He brought a lot of untried youngsters in and 6 months has ditched a large number of them and returned a fee of around £1 million pounds for a player who couldn't get regular football at a meaningful level down south. Clark can only operate within the constraints (financial) set by the Board. MJ must be pissing himself that fans are targeting the manager when he is the problem.
  9. 151rugby

    If MJ is still here at the turn of the year....

    Lapsed ST holder for Frank Beattie Stand for the past 2 years, though still attend the odd match (none so far this season) I would renew if he goes. Are the Directors not meeting again tomorrow. Could the figures re this post not be passed to Bowie or someone else to highlight the strength of feeling.
  10. 151rugby

    Michael Johnston faces showdown board meeting

    Flyer campaign should begin now and not wait till April, pressure is building with sponsors threatening to withdraw support add ST holders to that now and the combined pressure may be enough to sway those with the ability to isolate him. A commitment to renew ST 's by those who have already withdrawn financial support as a result of his attitude to the support would also serve to highlight any potential increase in income should he be removed. Definitely needs a figurehead with clout to get everyone pulling in the same direction. If we wait till April the danger is that another opportunity will fizzle out, imo
  11. 151rugby

    Celtic Away

    At this stage last season we had played two games extra and had 2 points more with a goal difference of minus 10 having suffered two 4 nil hammerings by teams we should consider as equals if not below us. Far too early to change manager. Goal difference today after an embarrassing defeat -7, last season -10, take todays result out and the goal difference would be -2. Clark deserves time
  12. 151rugby

    Buy out

    IMO this is where he should be challenged, there must be a definite conflict of interest now as the other directors (and fans) want him out yet his legal firm still advise the Club. Cut off his wage packet and engage a truly independent legal company. Not to mention his quoted Fiduciary responsibility to the Club. Rejecting investment to further his own personal position surely isn't right. Can the Bank not be used to increase pressure on him?
  13. 151rugby

    Situations Vacant......

    Get a street traders licence and sell the FAMOUS KILMARNOCK PIE outside the ground. MJ has no authority in South Hamilton St or Dundonald Rd. Profits to Young Kilmarnock or anyone but MJ.
  14. 151rugby

    Ex Dundee Utd assistant Gordon Young

    Is McCulloch not still there or I have I missed his departure (not that I am suggesting he should go)
  15. 151rugby

    Can't Open Thread....

    It wont open on my laptop either, every other thread is ok

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