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  1. Powell did a very good job at Charlton so it's good to hear him being spoken about like that by someone with that track record. I'm actually a bit surprised Powell is back to being a No. 2 as he showed he was capable of sustaining a good momentum with a club when given time. It's strange someone like him who has evidence of being successful is out of a job and the likes of Steve McLaren who has managed one good season in twenty, Steve Bruce or Alan Pardew whose records aren't much better seem to get a new job instantly.
  2. I'm not so sure considering there are first team players there who agreed to 30% reduced wages only to see the wages they freed up spent on bringing in guys on a full wage. That sort of thing can breed resentment in a squad pretty quickly and I would be surprised if the majority of their players were Hibs fans.
  3. I think the strategy of laying off lots of people and forcing others to take sizable pay cuts may back fire. I wouldn't be happy if my work forced me to take a big pay cut to get them out of financial trouble only to be splashing the cash a few weeks later.
  4. Lee Trundle at Swansea. Watched a lot of him when I lived in Wales. Looked like a fan had wondered on the pitch by mistake then would nutmeg three players and slam in a 45 yard wonder goal. Guy was some entertainer. The goal on there at 1:10 against Yeovil is one of the best goals I've ever seen live...the video there doesn't do it justice, the amount it moved in the air was unreal.
  5. Skora would have been that type of player if he hadn't been crippled. I suspect Taouil could also fit into that category.
  6. Guy looks like a decent capture. I do worry that our key areas aren't being addressed. We went into last season hamstrung by a lack of cover up front. If we go into this one without a senior keeper and with only 5 defenders in the squad we will struggle big time. I would have been making these kind of signings after the priority areas were filled as we would look pretty silly if there wasn't enough in the wage structure to sign a good keeper.
  7. Very common in Italy. They sign up average players and loan them out en masse. The plan is to profit by selling them on after a good loan and it will be cost free as they won't pay high wages and will expect clubs to pay the wages in full when loaning them, perhaps even a small fee on top. I'm guessing that's why our bigger budget was suddenly gone after a few loan deals last year.
  8. livvy


    I imagine you're bang on with that perception. The issue is that being 3rd choice in the prem is a lot more lucrative than being first choice at a club like Killie.
  9. livvy


    Woodman has done very well at Swansea. Few premiership clubs courting him and Swansea desperately trying to keep him. He won't choose us above sides like that.
  10. I'd imagine the latter. That said, there's nothing wrong with adjusting a target when a good option becomes unexpectedly available. Who knows if we actually went in for him but there's only so many times we can be rumoured to miss out on someone before you start to wonder what the problem is.
  11. And thus the world was right again and the transfer season truly began. The window was saved and all danced merrily in honour of their rumour master. Welcome home Craigieboy!
  12. There's priorities we need to be able to compete. As an absolute minimum we would need to bring in two keepers and a defender able to play in the middle and left back. Reality is we may well be looking at the bare minimum and we won't be alone in that given the current circumstances. I do think we should be worried about not having added a keeper as yet. I don't think speculative signings and investment in the squad is smart though.
  13. I doubt he would fit into our wage structure but he would be a great signing for us.
  14. I'd imagine we will bring in two keepers, a centre back, a left back (or maybe just a centre back knowing we can play Findlay left if needed) and maybe a third striker. We have Thomas, Kiltie, McKenzie and Burke on the wings so don't see us adding there. As others have mentioned Dicker as the fourth centre back if needed will be fine. We will have a very small squad but we won't be alone in that.
  15. A great plan in theory but I'm fairly confident the SFA will have a ref lined up to deal with any away advantage in the traditional style.

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