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  1. Agree fully with your first paragraph. Given keepers will train together in a specialist unit with specific coaching one contracting the virus, say from their kids at school or their wife out at work, will mean that whole unit need to isolate. There's no way they would make Sevco or Celtic play in those circumstances. Nor Aberdeen for that matter. Common sense to postpone the game and if there's further spread to Hibs after the game as it's perfectly possible others have it in the incubation period you can guarantee that will be the season over. Madness from the SPFL.
  2. Burke at Ross County was suffering from a debilitating virus. Most on here were a little surprised when Clarke gave him a second year as he was a bit part player for us in his first season as he was still getting himself one hundred percent over it. Bryson has had injuries at Aberdeen but anyone watching him can see he's a shadow of his former self. His legs have gone and he hasn't adapted to that. He's now had two or three years of injuries which coming up on 34 is hard to come back from. He's also playing in a position that's probably most difficult to adapt into as an older player on
  3. No. He has never been that type of player. He was a box to box midfielder who scored the odd goal by bursting a gut to get ahead into free space and who offered loads tracking back. He isn't that player anymore and hasn't looked up to pace anytime I've seen him. Bryson when we first had him was a better player than anyone we have currently. Now he isn't. The people saying he's better than Tish baffles me. Tish has been our best player by a distance. Covers so much ground with ease. Controls the tempo well. Shifts the ball to open space on the opposite flank well. Does a good destruc
  4. VPN and you can live in Scotland and instantly transport yourself wherever you want for an away day.
  5. He hasn't looked comfortable in the system so far but he seemed to miss a fair chunk of preseason so is probably just not up to speed yet. Rossi did very well yesterday and Millen has done well there too so he may have to wait a wee bit for another opportunity.
  6. Been our best player over the course of the 6 games so far. Would hope we have the foresight to try and get him tied down on a longer deal sooner rather than later.
  7. He hasn't played for a year and a half and has only trained for a week. Would be amazed if he was ready to start and not at all surprised if he ended up out injured if he did.
  8. The league have played tight into the government's hands as per usual. They're desperate to keep the OF happy. Anyone in Scotland with a brain knows fine well they won't behave. Justification for delaying the return of fans at everybody else's expense. The old firms behaviour should have put them bottom of the queue. I guarantee they won't be able to follow the rules. Rules have never ever applied to them.
  9. Hopefully the kick he needs to get himself back on form. Love Big Stu but he doesn't deserve a call up on current form sadly.
  10. Not even a debate. In 5 years time I suspect Burke would still contribute more to a club than Jones will. Model pro who leads by example, eats right, lives right and works his arse off to improve even at the tail end of his career (his free kick technique and way he strikes a ball have improved massively since last season). Or a guy who goes around hassling wee lassies, flying about above the speed limit in his fancy car and plays up to the bigots to hide his totally limited talent.
  11. I don't know. I don't understand why he positioned himself on his left hand post for the second goal. He left a glaring gap that he was never going to be able to fill there too. It wasn't exactly a rocket and while it would have been a tough save I'd fancy most premiership keepers to save that shot if their starting position was correct. The save Marciano made from the Kiltie cross directed at goal by the defender was a tougher stop than any of Hibs three efforts at goal. I do agree it's not enough to judge him on though. He should have been given time to settle at the club before being
  12. Honestly...probably not. But that would be a different scenario as Bachmann had played and trained with all the defenders who played so I could see logic in that situation. Bachmann is also tried and tested at this level which is another thing to factor in.
  13. I feel for Rogers. I thought the defence looked much more settled with him in goal and Hibs weren't carving us open at all. God knows how good a keeper he is because he didn't make a save second half but I would say he deserves to start against Celtic given how much more confident the defence were in him. Eastwood should have to earn his place. He hasn't done that yet and Saturday showed he needs time on the training ground to battle it out with Rogers for the starting spot. As said above...he should never have started. We signed him Wednesday and Sheffield United haven't been traini
  14. I think it's clear that's the party line. I doubt that is the truth of what happened as there was no sign he was struggling at all.
  15. Yet he was a major part of the team when we finished third. His shooting was wasteful today but he otherwise wasn't too bad. Young keeper sold the game but he should never have been playing. Rogers should have started.

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