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  1. The classic St Mirren away game question - do we just sit in the seats allocated on the tickets, or first come, first served basis?
  2. Any update on his injury and whether he'll be fit for tomorrow? In a short space of time he's gone on to become one of our most important players and will be a big loss if he's out tomorrow.
  3. Osman Sow ... doesn't feel like he'll solve our striker crisis. Hope he proves me wrong.
  4. https://twitter.com/Record_Sport/status/1168596171184627713
  5. Simple one - is it open now? Cheers!
  6. To those not going ... who have booked flights via Air Serbia ... any tips on how you would go about getting tax back from the flights?
  7. 4 of us travelling Edinburgh - Dusseldorf (Tues overnight there) - Belgrade, arriving early afternoon Wednesday, departing very early Friday morning. Haven't yet booked accommodation and unsure what area/hotels people are staying in Belgrade? Can we get some kind of advice/roll call on hotels?
  8. Why are we all squabbling? Yes, hundreds if not thousands of us are going to be disappointed (myself included) at not getting to see the team in Wales, but it's hardly Killie's fault. The stadium is tiny and that's just the luck of the draw. If anything, this should be even more incentive for the team - not that it's needed - to progress to the next round and have even more Killie fans cheer on the boys in Serbia.
  9. Any update on Coulibaly in terms of him actually joining the club?