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  1. Just in case you haven’t seen it. There is a button with Away Team Video. If you click Away Team Video you will receive the Killie Commentary Team instead of the Ross County Coverage. MON THE KILLIE
  2. I also seen that. Broadfoot told dyer to get Del Fabro on just after we scored to go 3-2 up.
  3. Media team just been in the club shop getting scarf and printed top
  4. Nope he’s in the stand next to Findlay, Power and Donati who is working with 2 different phones.
  5. Kilties down on the team sheet for starting but not even on the bench.
  6. Team is Lyle, Millen, Mclevy, Barlow, Lynch, Wilson, McDonald, Frizzell, Cameron, kiltie and Thomas
  7. Lafferty is 110% NOT signing for us, not a chance!
  8. No from the club number got the call at 3.30 today
  9. I’m not a privileged season ticket holder and got a phone call
  10. Just got a phone call from the club! CMAAAAANNNNNN CANT WAIT!!!
  11. Flights booked to Belgrade £360. 4 star Hotel (Garni Hotel Crystal) that offers transport from the airport, £30 a night, 1km from City Centre and 1km from the stadium. Edinburgh > Frankfurt (4 Hour wait) > Belgrade, then Belgrade > Munich (1h 30 min wait) > Edinburgh. BUZZING!!!!!!