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  1. Absolute shambles if we have spent our budget and the only attacking players we brought in were whitehall and pinnock. Should be sacked for that alone
  2. His time was up long ago, he is tactically inept, his signings have been very poor and he is too intent on playing his pals every week. Beoadfoot and dicker arent up to it; yet play every week, we still need two keepers, we have absolutley 0 creativity which hasnt been addressed apart from signing some diddy who was playing college fitba lst year, pinnock looks rotten also and the 2 signings fans were excited about, mcgeown and haunstrup, he appears to have nae faith in either. Get him to f**k adap is record is abismal and signings even worse.
  3. Get mulumbu signed and a good winger and we should be okay for the season ahead and paper over the cracks of yet another rotten transfer window
  4. We are in no position to turn down a player of his quality.
  5. He’s 100% in the hotel as we speak...
  6. Rogers has 100% signed, just hasnt been announced as of yet.
  7. Folk just gutted and embarrassed they were beaten to it mate.
  8. Was supposed to be coming today and isnt now, watford keeping hin due to relegation

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