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  1. Rogers has 100% signed, just hasnt been announced as of yet.
  2. Folk just gutted and embarrassed they were beaten to it mate.
  3. Was supposed to be coming today and isnt now, watford keeping hin due to relegation
  4. Kyle Lafferty doon irvine beach there...
  5. We badly need a creative player. Nothing in the middle atall and if burke or pinnock get injured we are in trouble to create.
  6. Aye must be a loan then couldnt see him on the wiki
  7. Magnus norman is on trial, ex fulham keeper
  8. Burkes 37 coming, mckenzie has zero pace, and thomas has shown he isnt good enough for this level. Kiltie also not a winger; hes a 10. I fear for us if thats our options outwide, real lack of pace and natural ability outwide
  9. Nae wingers in yet? Badly in need of some and a creative player.
  10. If we cant get bachmann, we should go for craig gordon 100%, he wants back in the Scotland team and I cant see him getting that opportunity if he drops down with Hearts. Plus dyer being on coaching staff is a big help
  11. We badly need a couple of centre halves, attacking mid, left back, winger or 2 and a decent striker, not too much to ask. Winger a priority imo, teams severley lacks pace and we cant go a season with burke and mckenzie as first choice wingers
  12. 4 wins from 15 games now merits the killie job, and andy millen as assistant. Back to the locke and mcculloch days it is
  13. Sums us up if we sign him and al have even less faith and hope in dyer and fowler, partick fans wanted shot of him for being terrible, no thanks
  14. Does anyone have any idea if either of last years tops will be coming back into stock?
  15. Heard this to from same source, source has never been wrong yet in last 4/5 years
  16. Exactly my thinking, im sure its him

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