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  1. (Assuming you're talking about American Football) Top tier NCAA teams get 42,000 on average. 5 of the top teams average over 100,000 per game. 3rd tier teams average about 2,000. This is the biggest SECONDARY SCHOOL stadium in the country. America is weird.
  2. Lroy

    Club Shop

    Just asked to see if it was the just the wrong image or the wrong product... it was the wrong product. I'm going to miss JustSport.
  3. Lroy

    Club Shop

    I think they've given up. Only a few days left of their tenure.
  4. Prestwick is/was down and one of the potential launch sites for Virgin Orbit. They had their first demo mission in the US this week and it failed. I think they are more likely to pick Cornwall for their UK base if they have one. Sutherland is getting a proper ground launched rocket space port. I'm not sure if they have a launch provider signed up but it sounds like it'll be a smallsatsat launcher like NZ based Electron.
  5. Trying again Saturday, 8:22pm. Back up late on the Sunday, 8:00pm. Neither day looking any better than today. Lighting and rain the two main issues preventing launch.
  6. SpaceX launching humans to the ISS on Wednesday (weather permitting). First manned launch from the US since 2011. First brand fully-new manned spacecraft since the shuttle in 1980s. Only the 2nd fully-new manned spacecraft since Apollo and the moon landings.
  7. It's a standard Adidas collar this season but I've not seen it sit so poorly on someone as it does in that Aberdeen picture.
  8. O'Neill's shirts for Bohemians over the past couple of years have been edgy, but very good. A good match for Partick who have had a recent tradition of having noteworthy away kits.
  9. Lovely shirt for a lower league club.
  10. Lroy

    New Kit 2020/21

    It has been a good harvest. The gods have been generous.
  11. Lroy

    New Kit 2020/21

    Here's a couple of new images from the "socially distanced" photoshoot.
  12. Fred Willard, Actor/Comedian (86)
  13. Lroy

    New Kit 2020/21

    All of them.
  14. Lroy

    New Kit 2020/21

    Nope, they're straight out the catalogue.

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