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  1. Usual address is fine. It only matters where it thinks your computer is. UK bank and address is fine.
  2. My email says 3:57. Liar. Thank you Xx
  3. It's only potential signings that shop at Tesco.
  4. At least they're being honest.
  5. Lroy

    Betfred Cup

    Kilmarnock Dunfermline Clyde Dumbarton Falkirk
  6. Fantastic work by Kabamba for the pen.
  7. He said the word Motherwell once. In a "shout out" to some kid on social media something.
  8. I have no idea but it's certainly not zero. You seem to be choosing to ignore all expenditure. If we don't upgrade facilities they won't be used. You need to spend that money to make money in the future.
  9. £3.69m ÷ 3000 season tickets = £1,230 That's an expensive season ticket. What about all the renovations over the last few months? Happy to include those in your numbers?
  10. If you pick "blue" and "squirrel" I think you're on to a winner.

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