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  1. Clear skies here tonight so I'm getting up at 2 to give this a gander. Should be very very low in the north east skies after about 1am.
  2. Here's a photo I took of him in 2012 as he carried the Olympic flame through Newcastle with everyone singing his name. Never seen a happier man in my life.
  3. I wouldn't say completely off the table, but it was going to be an "in time for Christmas" shirt I believe.
  4. We were to have a bespoke 3rd kit but covid prevented it.
  5. Now director of football at Newcastle Blue Star. An 11th tier side in Newcastle that I've never heard of in my 10 years of living around here.
  6. Do you have a link to a paper about that?
  7. Lroy

    Club Shop

    This is what Hummel told the club. The stripe design was created in-house at Killie. The club are not happy with it being used elsewhere.
  8. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    I was at the supercharger today. On my bicycle. Don't ask. And a mobile service vehicle pulled in to supercharge. Had a chunk of parts in the back, seemed a nice idea to have that come out to you rather than going through to Edinburgh for a 12v battery.
  9. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    What did you think of it compared to the 3? If I had money for either I really think I'd pick the 3 over the S. Or maybe hold out for the Y.
  10. Gads. 25 year increments only please.
  11. Lroy

    Club Shop

    The numbers from last year... The Oldham away shirt, which is erm... similar to ours, is going to be £45 this year.
  12. Lroy

    Club Shop

    Are you suggesting that preparations for taking over the shop in July should have taken place over the past 10 years? I think it's reasonable to assume the time period set side to complete the transfer will have been during the lockdown period.
  13. I did a "census" in 2016 and these were the results.
  14. Lroy

    Beer gardens

    Walked past a few beer gardens last night down here south of the wall. Looked like a f**king nightmare, even more so than usual.
  15. Cambridge Utd with our template. Different stripe design.
  16. The stripes design was made for/bye us, no question. It's a bit of a dick move for them to hand it off to other teams but I am interested to see what the Oldham marketing spiel describing the meaning behind it will be.
  17. I expected to see the temple used again. But the stripes design?
  18. It is the same basic template and last year's Rangers home shirt. I've still not seen anyone release a kit in our home template though.
  19. Good to see you back, @Craigieboy
  20. Plot twist: Craigieboy's password he forgot is the name of the keeper we are going to sign.
  21. A few Ross County accounts following him recently. Take it they think they're in there too.
  22. This whole thread makes me glad that Killie are my "big team."

The Killie Trust

KFC Supporters Association

Young Kilmarnock

FC Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock FC (Official)