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  1. I've got 7 shirts from the Matchwinner era that are 25-30 years old. They all still have their badges. They were only heat sealed around the edges. Technology will have improved somewhat in 30 years. These will be bonded right across the badge. After hearing this all last summer about last year's sticker badge, I've yet to hear of a single badge falling off. (There was an issue with the sponsors on the first batch.)
  2. It's a cracking shirt that one. Wonder why we had a one off for that game.
  3. I've contributed some illustrations to it. It's coming.
  4. I think he means that they announce them but they are not immediately available. Your wife will have bought those products after they were both announced and later placed on sale, not on the day they were announced.
  5. If everyone disagrees with your opinion, they're not telling you you can't have an opinion, they're telling you that your opinion is s**t.
  6. Great first post. Welcome to KillieFC.com.
  7. Tattoo the QR code on to your wrist.
  8. That is weird. I'll look in to it. EDIT: Preston and Bradford stuff there too. Almost certainly JustSport selling old crap.
  9. His next paragraph starts: "In 2008, I signed in the Canadian Soccer League..."
  10. From what seems to be the original ESPN article. Looks like he just has a good PR guy. Hasn't played at any decent level at all.
  11. At the moment I'm thinking more Illustrations, pictures. A coffee table book. I'll need some blurb here and there but mostly images.
  12. A year and a bit down the line. I've got all the home, away and third kits drawn from 60s through to the present day, although I'm always on the look out for confirmation pictures, one offs and oddities. Club have verbally agreed to help put it together as an official book so maybe my original 2 years plan might actually happen!
  13. £155 it went for. Loads of crackers up there at the moment. Most of the good ones going for £100+
  14. Shall I change the title to "What's the latest the EPL has been won?"
  15. Could've used it to finance a modernist sculpture of a cat in lederhosen.
  16. On pre-order day. No, I don't know when that'll be exactly.
  17. That explains it. Player turnover at the level is incredible.
  18. Is German Doner Kebab a company? Or are they just sponsored by the concept of doner kebabs from Germany?
  19. I quite like that Ayr shirt. Based off a cult 90s away top. I'm sure we'd be getting pelters off them if we did a modern bird s**te top. Seems to be getting the thumbs up from my niche football kit discussion forums I'm on.
  20. I follow Southport and I have no recollection of this kid. Get him signed.
  21. @Pompey Exile grabs 2nd place unless I missed anyone.
  22. HawkEye saying all 7 cameras were obscured and this is the first failure in 8000 matches where the system has been used. If that's true, a 0.0125% failure rate for anything is remarkably impressive.
  23. Man City are a Northern Irish team with historical links to the Belfast prodestant community which in turn had links with the UVF and domestic terrorism?

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