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  1. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    It sounds like something that will improve as heat pumps are introduced. Kia announced the other day that the next heat pump they've been testing in their cars means it'll lose only 9% of range at -7°. What car have you got?
  2. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    Here's a range v speed graph for the S. Also note temp differences.
  3. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    Standard lab test. Much like a combined cycle for a petrol car. Less on the motorway but people have been finding they're getting higher than that at low speeds. Realistic in other words.
  4. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    Now up to 402 miles on the same size battery. When they switch to a heat pump and newer cells when the car has a facelift (maybe this year) we'll be getting in to "London to glasgow in one charge" territory*. *Also known as "Edinburgh to Greenock via Killie twice" territory.
  5. Lroy

    Electric Cars

    Robert De Niro has started advertising e-Neros on the telly box.
  6. I'm sure Umbro's Irish arm will have delt with that contract rather than the mainland UK branch. They knew. HQ now distancing themselves from it.
  7. It'll have been a combination of Hummel and the club. Perhaps the club went to them with the idea of basing it on the 97 shirt, I haven't asked. I came up with an idea based on an old shirt that was going to be the third kit. That's been put on hold because of covid. I came up with the basis of the idea and Hummel stuck it on one of their templates. The home shirt will have been something similar. "Here's the template, what colours shall we use, any ideas of anything else you'd like?"
  8. You mean they both have blue sleeves?
  9. Invisible Chris Hoy modelling those shorts.
  10. Linfield's new kit. Can't imagine what aspect of Northern Irish culture they got this idea from.
  11. I think it's pattern front and back, but a square/patch for the number. That'd only apply to group stages and further for European competition. Here's what Porto and Atletico had in the Champions League last year.
  12. Nope. I did do a third kit which has been mothballed because of Covid.
  13. Better version of my drawing. I had a better one pre-prepared but got asked not to show the shorts and socks last minute while I was away from my laptop.
  14. Feels like 19th June comes around earlier every year.
  15. https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/message-for-season-ticket-holders/ While the 2019/20 Scottish Premiership season has been brought to a close, one remaining issue for the club is how to address season ticket holders who were unable to watch the full allocation of matches due to the Coronavirus shutdown. We’ve looked at a range of options but the simplest solution is to offer the option of a refund to our 2019/20 season ticket holders for the value of the matches missed. Should every season ticket holder take up this option then we calculate the financial cost to the club will total £142,000. We want to make this clear – there will be no judgement or condemnation of any supporter who wishes to take up this option. Some supporters have already indicated to us that they don’t wish any money back and we thank them wholeheartedly for this kind gesture. Anyone wishing to request a refund can contact tickets@kilmarnockfc.co.uk and please include your name and season ticket reference number. We also welcome news of a deal brokered between the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) and Sky Sports, allowing fans inside the UK and Ireland live virtual access to watch 2020/21 home matches played behind closed doors. This would be achieved through our own club platform and we remain in discussions with our technical suppliers and our fellow Premiership clubs on the full details of these arrangements. While we finalise everything, we hope to be able to inform supporters of our full offering for season 2020/21 and the ways you can back the club in the near future. We thank you all for your continued patience and support.
  16. Heard something different?
  17. Lroy

    1984/85 Kits

    I think I've got Paul Clarke on the case.
  18. Lroy

    1984/85 Kits

    That was the 83/84 season.

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