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  1. That's wild. £20 for that shirt is robbery of your part. I'd expect at least £50-60 if I sold mine.
  2. There's a few belters in there I'd be all over if they were in a smaller size. (In particular, 95-97 away in a medium if anyone is offering.) The prices he's got them as are what they'd go for if it went for auction.
  3. Lroy

    Ground share

  4. Jerry Stiller, Actor (92)
  5. Lroy

    Ground share

    I don't think Darvel would need a ground as big as RP.
  6. Lroy

    Osman Sow

    Their fate was sealed when they were both January on the calendar.
  7. Little Richard, musician (87)
  8. Downvoting isn't telling someone they can't have that option, it's telling them that they disagree with it.
  9. The Ayr shirt is a 2016-21 design. I think they're getting a bespoke away. I've not seen the template for our home before, but the away is based on an existing design.
  10. The basic construction of the shirt might be shared with other clubs, but the colours and design of the stripes is bespoke.
  11. Its not like Ayr's. Ours is blue and white stripes.
  12. I'd hardly call Sevco a luxury brand.
  13. See you all same time next year. Keep safe.
  14. This was the initial idea for the 2 keeper kits but I think it might have changed since.
  15. Here are the images of it that I've been sent by the club. Great return back to traditional blue and white stripes! Love the detailing on the collar. Nice shades of blue too. And the away kit. Wasn't sure about this when I was first told about it but I think it's come out really well!
  16. Nae squirrels, nae party.
  17. I was hoping that sleeve pattern would be across the whole shirt from their teasers.
  18. Lroy

    Killie Kit Cup

    The vote was for the "greatest kit." Not best design (it wasn't), best memory (might have been) or best squad (nope.) It was a combination of all of that. It was whatever the fans wanted it to be. I'm not complaining about the winner.
  19. Lroy

    Our Society

    The fact places like B&Q are open to the masses is a joke.
  20. Lroy

    Killie Kit Cup

    Doing an unofficial third/fourth playoff on my twitter since the club aren't.
  21. I don't mean they're "not suitable," I'm mean it's old people Facebook material. Please don't post pictures of minions.

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