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  1. cammy2012

    Scott Brown

    No time for Broon but that stamp was outrageous. Like Naismith but he's always had a dirty side to his play and not averse to a dive.
  2. cammy2012

    Next season ambition

    Champions........when I win Euro millions.
  3. cammy2012

    Next Seasons Strip Speculation Megathread

    Shame we dont have a contract with Adidas
  4. cammy2012

    Hibs away, Fred

    Oh dear. Cmon Killie.
  5. Interesting that Desmond's all over the media saying Rodgers can speak to Arsenal. Either he doesn't believe he's a genuine candidate or he thinks Rodgers cant take them any further. Cue Steve Clarke? Suspect the former but who knows.
  6. Guess they couldnae really have voted for Murty #dailyranger
  7. cammy2012

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Cheers. Not Old McDonalds Farm after all then
  8. cammy2012

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Whats the other song which sounds like I E I to start with?
  9. cammy2012

    post split fixtures

    Probably being naiive here but to compensate, why dont the teams who are advantaged by more games against an opponent at home have to share the gate money? Or SPFL compenstates the disadvantaged.
  10. cammy2012

    Home shirt half price

    For me hoops are the horrible eighties. Dark days. Please no.
  11. A cancer at the heart of Scottish football as were their previous incarnation.
  12. cammy2012

    gers away, Fred

    Miller at it again post match. Clearly a jealous cnut and hates Killie.
  13. cammy2012

    Tickets for Tuesday

    This. Of course the problem is that while you can be happy to find an alternative seat if 'yours' is taken, you then sit on someone elses and they then insist that you move. Could be someone with kids, older person and you feel obliged to move. Then the domino effect starts and people get pissed off. The Ayr cup game was a fiasco. It really shouldnt be difficult to deal with. Open seating. First come, first served. Shimples. While I'm on the subject, what is it with some folk in the East Stand who glower at you like you've just s**t on their shoe, when you try to get past them to your seat. Some miserable, unfriendly gits amongst our support.
  14. cammy2012

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

    5 against Dundee Utd at RP. Shouldve been 6 for a wrong offside. Seems like yesterday but amazing he's back at his spiritual home and still scoring.

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