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  1. Don't make it political?
  2. Oh dear. They live amongst us.
  3. Racists will be racists. Surprised?
  4. There is no legitimate reason to object to anyone showing support for #blm
  5. And if we were in that position you can bet there wouldnt have been any debate, let alone a court case.
  6. So a team who were better than their competitors over however no of games, should suffer over a team proven worse than their competitors. Perverse logic. When will folk realise that COVID is a once in a hundred Year deadly pandemic. Its s**t and there's always going to be bad consequences for some. Hearts & Particks plight comes fairly down the list of 'things we should give a s**te about" at this moment in time.
  7. cammy2012


    We'd do well to reserve judgement until we've a few games under our belt.
  8. Possibly. To clarify. I meant the playing group stages when there is a real possibility of a fixture pile up if we have to lockdown again.
  9. Agreed. Utter madness to play it.
  10. cammy2012

    Club Shop

    From the highs of third place to a shambles of a club/team within 3 short months takes some doing. Rather than building on the best season in 50 yrs, we've actually managed to regress. Just remember we were in freefall before lockdown. Now amateur hour with the shop and merchandise. Pathetic.
  11. cammy2012

    Club Shop

    That stuff is not very nice at all. Who'd wear something with HT on it and Kilmarnockpie on the back of a strip. Killie, the club that style forgot. Shame.
  12. That's one helluva big if. We can but dream I guess.

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