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  1. They just get worse and worse. Time that club was punted out of Scotland.
  2. s**t. They're starting at Glasgow Green at 1345 and walking to Maryhill. That must mean they'll arrive just before, during or after the game. Can't be more precise as I don't how fast Neanderthals walk.
  3. International law for one. Get real.
  4. It was a thing to boo when they were closed simply because it restricted us due to the presence of the Glasgow scum. It then became an ironic cheer when the gates were announced as opened. I agree though, no need now and sounds pathetic.
  5. Feck knows what TW sayss at HT but this is garbage. As said above teams realise we're bang average and gain confidence as the game goes on.
  6. Recognise some of the names my dad used to talk about so that would date it late 40s, early 50s. Unless of course he was reminiscing his own father's time.
  7. Can the structure take the additional loading though?
  8. A bigot. Surprise, surprise.
  9. Yip. Scraped through to the Euros but has made no real improvement to that team and the football is turgid.
  10. Nah. I find cartoon characters much more relatable than rich privileged unelected heads of State.
  11. Why do you have a picture of the queen as your photo?