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  1. You're right. Dirty bastards. Said at the time they played like Hamilton and you know how difficult playing them's been even under SC.
  2. There's a difference from the 'big team' pummelling lesser opposition all game but not taking their chances and the wee team doggedly defending with a dose of good luck, than that performance last night. Arbroath were better than us and that's unacceptable.
  3. Arbroath's level. At least they could string a few passes together, threaten going forward and easily mop up any of our attacks and frankly play better football.
  4. Just because you write a lot of words doesn't mean you make sense. By your logic we should just go part-time and save a lot of money. Crowd behind them? 不不 Tight pitch? 不不 Looked better than RP. Assemble good teams over 9 years 不不 Please. We are shocking, a manager looking more like a dinosaur every game. The Bowie regime continues to decline. Patience being lost.
  5. Well said. Here's a thought. Can these players survive a couple of defeats which will inevitably come?
  6. Just shows you how bad the other teams are.
  7. Top for 24 hours woohoo. Anyone thinks that's an acceptable performance or standard of football should stick to watching junior football. And for those who say we shouldn't expect to beat part-time teams, I'd ask what's the point of the highest budget in the league and arguably the most experienced & successful manager ( how much does he get paid compared to Dick Campbell?). That tonight is f**king unacceptable and I feel sorry for those who travelled. Last thought Joel Nouble is only 4yrs older than Innes Cameron. Let that sink in.
  8. Tommy Wright's brand of football is f**king eye-wateringly awful.
  9. Once had to search for it on internet for work. System blocked it
  10. Well said. First time ever in 50 yrs supporting Killie that I went to OF games confident of winning. Makes the fall from grace so much harder to accept.
  11. Have you seen the main street recently. Mare union jacks than the Shankhill.
  12. Perfectly legitimate to rebel against an oppressive colonial power.
  13. They just get worse and worse. Time that club was punted out of Scotland.
  14. s**t. They're starting at Glasgow Green at 1345 and walking to Maryhill. That must mean they'll arrive just before, during or after the game. Can't be more precise as I don't how fast Neanderthals walk.
  15. International law for one. Get real.