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  1. Barneyboy

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Chris Burke is plotting the next phase of his career on the SFAs training grounds at Oriam this week. But he insists the first phase isn't over yet as he negotiates a new deal with on fire Kilmarnock. And as the 34 year old prepares to take on the first stage of his UEFA "A" Licence, he said "we are still in talks but hopefully in due course something good will happen. I'd like to stick around. Kilmarnock have been great the manager has been great - there's such a good feeling there. " Sunday Mail. Maybe touting for a player coach role.
  2. Barneyboy

    TIK Funding Update #8

    You have hit the nail on the head my friend. As said before NAPM split the fan base and it is still a common opinion (albeit wrong) that those behind it were involved with the trust. Most supporters have probably moved on and invested if they wished to do so, however some never will because they still think that the trust was involved some way.
  3. Barneyboy

    Season tickets

    Agreed. In the shop ( rugby park ) renewing today, only one computer working and for some reason we couldn't get the same seats as last year. Not a major issue but it was very slow and the shop wasn't that busy. On a positive note the girls say they're selling well.
  4. Barneyboy

    sellick away, Fred

    Brenda has to come up with a new excuse because he can't blame the pitch this time.
  5. Barneyboy


    Injured in training bud
  6. Barneyboy


    Would be happy to keep the big man for next season if possible. Feel Steve Clarke can get the best out of him, seem to have a good relationship.
  7. Barneyboy

    Sheep home, Fred

    Spot on mate. The run had to end sometime I just wish I wasn't today. Good crowd, nice weather all that was missing was a win. Anyway all will be forgotten with 3 away wins.
  8. Barneyboy

    Free ticket(s) for tomorrow

    Brilliant Craigie11, kind offer. Think with our current run of form you should get plenty of fans wanting to take you up on this.
  9. Barneyboy

    Big Kirk Broadfoot

    Once again the big man was brilliant. Getting a goal as well, couldn't be happier for the big man, well deserved.
  10. Barneyboy

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Keeping our strongest team for next week so we can pump them
  11. Barneyboy

    Incomings and outgoings.

    We already have the legend that is Kris Boyd.
  12. Barneyboy

    Tonight's matches and how they affect us

    Results could have went better for us. The main thing is last year about this time we were worried about getting points to avoid play offs. The fact we are talking about getting into the top four is brilliant, long may the SC revolution continue. Hope it's Hamilton and Dundee in the bottom two.
  13. Barneyboy

    Where, where, where, where's Squirrelhumper?

    He's to busy doing his maths
  14. Barneyboy

    Who next player could new contract with Kilmarnock

    Dicker to sign tomorrow, today's Sunday mail
  15. Barneyboy

    Accies home, Fred

    Clarke is just resting our internationals

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