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  1. Kilmarnock should sign other striker because Brophy injury and Cameron not ready first start game
  2. Daniel Sturridge want return UK
  3. why rule out re-sign Jones and Stewart?
  4. Kilmarnock look sign anyone to anywhere position to winger or striker or attack midfielder?
  5. Kilmarnock look other signing after kilmarnock sign keeper Doyle
  6. Kilmarnock want bring two signing than first signing possible keeper but second would possible winger or midfielder or striker which one position to second new signing be?
  7. Kilmarnock check sign new keeper Doyle Hladky Marshall Stockdale anyone free agent or loan agent of short term (until January)
  8. Kilmarnock want sign other left winger?
  9. Any source transfer to goalkeeper and midfielder (playmaker & no10) of Kilmarnock transfer signing?
  10. Korey Smith didn't sign new deal with Bristol City than Kilmarnock need bring quality player (no10 playmaker) to midfielder
  11. Any source signing to other keeper?
  12. Line up face Ross county on Wednesday night (midweek) I think Roger Millen Dikamona Findlay Haunstrap Tishibola Dicker Power Burke Kabamba Kiltie
  13. Hard game because Ross county won twice time after Ross county won 1-0 face Hamilton Accies
  14. Emile Rowe Smith loan agent again he can no 10 to he can play creative or attack midfielder

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