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  1. In Scottish media speak a meaningless game is any game not involving the twisted sisters.
  2. I really don't get the meaningless fixtures thing. I can't remember many Killie games where I wasn't bothered if we won or lost. And other teams games are generally meaningless to me unless the result effects us. As for Sevco and their good of the game chat if they got a sniff of moving to England or a Euro League you wouldn't see them for dust and never mind the consequences for everybody else. Stick colt teams where the sun doesn't shine.
  3. Zombies getting all excited that we "released" as many players. Be begging for the blue pound and offering them 2 stands back apparently. Never mind that most were loan players and only 1st team regular is choosing to leave after being offered a contract. Brain dead.
  4. Sevco fans trying to bully other clubs financially to do what they want. If only there was a team who wanted to stand up against that type of behaviour.
  5. Don't agree that blooding youngsters is a pipedream. We have lost 2 young players to England that I remember, Kennedy and Smith. Kennedy had already played for the 1st team. I don't think that the league is too bad at getting young players involved, we've had plenty with varying degrees of success. The French system might help. Limit the number of players over a certain age you can have in a squad. A certain 2 clubs won't entertain it though.
  6. Is the meaningless games argument not another way of saying that only games involving the Old Firm matter? What about the seasons where the league has been won by February? Are the rest of the games for that team not meaningless? Giving teams games at the end of the season where the pressure is off would possibly allow young players to be introduced.
  7. What happens if by some means they play out the season and Hearts move up the table? Will they then want to change their minds about restructuring? Agree that any reconstruction must be for a longer period of time than a season.
  8. Why would the English want them? Just cost 2 English teams a place in the Premier League eventually. And they invariably cause trouble anytime they go down south. EPL hardly need the money. For me they only way they go is if some type of Euro League gets off the ground. Other Scottish clubs have allowed themselves to be persuaded that they can't/shouldn't do anything without the approval of the Glasgow twins. Is it not the case that voting structures basically allow Celtic and Rangers to veto anything that doesn't suit them?
  9. Findlay's first yellow for handbags with Cosgrove. How he books only Findlay is beyond me. It's either both or neither. Right in front of linesman who also chose to ignore it.

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