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  1. MarkD1989KTID

    Worst XI

    It blows my mind that this man has went on to become a revelation in English football and that he played (very well may I add) at the 2018 World Cup. . . But the worst player I have ever seen in a Killie shirt was Jackson Irvine. Anyone on here who says they knew he was a player and that they knew he just needed a proper manager etc. etc. are quite frankly lying to themselves. The man looked like he was going to fall over every time he ran and was a permanent headless chicken who gave away numerous goals for us. Anyone who told me there and then when he played with Killie where he would be now id have pished myself laughing and then fainted.
  2. MarkD1989KTID

    Second half team?

    Long gone are the days where players were sent out by the manager onto the pitch and had to argue with their captain over where they were meant to be playing because they didn't know. Half time is spent now focussing on tactics and how to exploit teams weaknesses as oppose to picking a random player and roaring at them in the hope it "inspires" the rest of the team.
  3. MarkD1989KTID

    Bet Fred second round draw

    Might just depend on how Sevco start the season and if their start gives them any momentum going into this game. If they beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie next week then the media will be instantly declaring them guaranteed league champions and future treble treble and Champions league winners because Stevie G is a "winner" and the Scottish media will be saying they told you this from the start. Lose the Aberdeen game and he'll be a manager with no full time experience at this level who doesn't know the Scottish game and only a manager with expereience in the Scottish game will be able to stop another Celtic whitewash and the Scottish media will be saying they told you this from the start. Either way....I think we'll beat them.
  4. MarkD1989KTID


    Anyone know if there will be highlights available of the Dumbarton game? and where we may find them...
  5. MarkD1989KTID

    The Kris Boyd appreciation thread

    A sprint from the half way line for the 4th goal...did this really happen?
  6. MarkD1989KTID

    Matty Kennedy

    Chased the money and went to Everton way too soon. Boy was badly advised. tine will tell if that failed move has had an impact on his ability but his progress has been hampered big time. wonder what he would do if he could turn back the clock. to be fair to him Killie back then wasn't the club it was last season and we were in serious decline so maybe I'm being harsh on him.
  7. MarkD1989KTID

    gers away, Fred

    This post is my favourite
  8. MarkD1989KTID


    Everyone agrees Neil Lennon on match day is a few coco pops short of a breakfast but like it or not the man is spot on about the quality of refereeing in this country. only good ref in Scotland I've ever seen with my own eyes was indeed the Israeli guy. completely strolled the full 90 minutes and knew all the rules of the game without making half of it up as he went along
  9. MarkD1989KTID

    Disallowed Goal!!

    Steve Clarke has class though and won't go on and on about it in the media or his after match comments so it goes unmentioned. The phantom offside of 2018 will be remembered by Killie fans as the night a linesman decided to see something no one else in the stadium saw. I'e also watched the Broadfoot penalty again and that is NEVER a penalty. May falls down like he's been shot with the slightest brush he's felt from Kirk. I spent 120 minutes watching Kris Boyd get stripped naked from the waist up by McKenna time and time again with McLean not even batting an eye lid
  10. MarkD1989KTID

    Disallowed Goal!!

    Never offside in a million years. linesman has robbed us of a semi final spot
  11. MarkD1989KTID


    cheers guys. Will keep an eye out
  12. MarkD1989KTID


    I know the game is on Hearts TV tonight...anybody able to post a link so we can watch it?
  13. MarkD1989KTID

    A message to the Referee

    You tried to make tonight about you. Did absolutely everything you could to make the headlines tomorrow. Tried everything in your power to stop the Steve Clarke juggernaut. And you still couldn't take the Killie. YNTTK. this wasn't about you. This game was about a team with amazing spirit, great never say die attitude. P.S what a terrible referee you are. Should be ashamed of that performance. P.P.S I'm absolutely buzzing
  14. MarkD1989KTID

    Neil Mccann

    He's an embarrassment. From start to finish the ref tonight was abysmal. The only man in the stadium who thought that was a penalty. Conveniently McCann missed that. Roaster. Been on the Dundee forum. Fans want him out. He'll be back in the sky studio soon talking about a game he knows nothing about. Sir Steve on the other hand. . , Every week Steve Clarke schools another manager on how to set up a team. Now that's a manager. Oozes class. Let's his tactics do the talking. Love him

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