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  1. wrong....see when a black man was banned from a restaurant in 1960s America....that wasn't a "crap" decision by the restaurant owner. it was institutional. this is institutional. not crap...deliberate being deliberately cheated over a period of decades is not defeatist. we must finally stand up to this
  2. See when we talk about incompetence and we talk about regular and consistent mistakes. We are all dramatically missing the point. Tonight is proof that ita nothing to do with incompetence or referees being incapable. These are the wrong words we are using. the words that we need to start applying are BIASED, DELIBERATE, CORRUPTION, CHEATING. This ISN'T incompetence. it's not. it's much much deeper than that. This will get analysed and the media will use words like "talking points" or "turning points" and talk about "split second decisions". It's all a pointless distraction. it's cheating
  3. THIS, this, this, and THIS.....100% This. Scotland as a game is absolutely corrupt to the absolute core it's sickening. feel sick to my stomach that no team outside of those two racist bigoted Glasgow teams will ever be given a fair shot. Its clear as day to see it for what it is and let's call it what it is....Cheating. It's not paranoia, its not simple human error. its CHEATING. plain and simple and it comes from the very core of the SFA. which is CORRUPT.
  4. Admire the positivity but this is the straw that has broke the corrupt cheating despicable SFA camels back for me. Can't just shrug this off anymore it's INSTITUTIONALISED cheating. lets stop just accepting it and shrugging our shoulders. something has to be done. I feel sick
  5. If this is not upheld then a full country boycott is needed by the other 11 SPL teams and a full independent investigation into corruption will need to be called for. don't now who would conduct this? FIFA? or UEFA?
  6. Really need to get both Millar and McAleny up to speed as soon as possible. Keep saying it but Ndjoli absolutely no where near good enough for the SPL. lightweight, no strength, no desire, so so weak. he was the weak link tonight.
  7. Played right into Hearts hands tonight. Ndjoli up front himself then long balls up to Berra and Souttar all night. really really poor
  8. Time for a sub SSC......Cmon, this is petering out and running away from us. Njoli out his depth at this level
  9. We need to go 2 up top here. hearts far too comfortable
  10. Was excited for a Brophy Millar, McAleny front 3 tonight with Jones in a free role. Power is immense I'd play him in midfield himself haha
  12. He's been rock rock solid. take my hat off to him
  13. hope he proves me wrong. tbf strongest possible team Clarke could field with Broadfoot out and Dicker important in midfield. just not ideal we haven't brought in a CB since Clarke arrived. believe it's been a position that's needed strengthened for some time
  14. In the starting line up.....really have the fear now
  15. Fuming and fed up. Always drawn against these horrible bigots