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  1. MarkD1989KTID

    Scottish Cup

    This is the year we win it!!! I can just sense it.
  2. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    Sportscene audience seem convinced it's not a penalty for Hibs....The farce continues. That's us lost a point at Hibs and Hearts due to poor decisions...arguable gained 3 at Aberdeen with ref mistakingly sending off Devlin. Will these decisions balance themselves out over the course of the season?
  3. MarkD1989KTID


    I must be a dinosaur.....Click on the video and it takes me to musicz site amongst others all asking for credit card details and when these are put in it just takes me back to the start of the page to start the whole process again....like I said...apologies for being a dinosaur
  4. MarkD1989KTID

    Jamie Mac

    Well someones account has been hacked haha
  5. MarkD1989KTID

    Jamie Mac

    Can someone explain why McGregor and Gordon are the only two playing at the "highest level" When McDonald etc are playing in the same league and thus facing sane level of opponents every week etc. Confused by this statement?
  6. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    Be interested to hear other people's opinions on this...
  7. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    I genuinely don't know, probably exaggerating but speaking to a lot of supporters from both sides achieving or preventing it is be coming their sole focus and their be all and end all. Imagine it happened at Ibrox or celtic park?
  8. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    The SFA would absolutely love that....so would 90% of the media who only report about and care about Sevco reborn and their ugly bigoted sister. They would give anything for a two team league with the rest forgotten about and left to rot. However i believe fear is setting in within the blazers that 10 in a row will spark riots across the country. SFA are petrified of this and I think will spend the next 3 years trying to stop it.
  9. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    What's happening with the SFA...it's now completely acceptable to kick someone violently and deliberately off the ball?? it's almost as if it's the same team that keeps getting these decisions oh wait...
  10. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    Regardless of his twisted view on Collum's performance...referees should have consequences for consistently poor performances
  11. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

  12. MarkD1989KTID

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    Another truly laughable day for referees all over the country yesterday. Mcgregor's kick Hearts tackle (deserved atleast 3 red cards) and the worst and funniest and most horrendous decision of the day, week, possible the last decade is the Thistle ghost goal....The whole net literally ripples. What will the consequences be for these officials I hear you ask? Nothing.
  13. MarkD1989KTID

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    Jones to put it to bed on the break
  14. MarkD1989KTID

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    Hahahah it was INCREDIBLE....The dread in the tone of his voice as Stewart was through was scrumptious to the ears.
  15. MarkD1989KTID

    Aberdeen Match Fred


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