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  1. MarkD1989KTID

    gers away, Fred

    This post is my favourite
  2. MarkD1989KTID


    Everyone agrees Neil Lennon on match day is a few coco pops short of a breakfast but like it or not the man is spot on about the quality of refereeing in this country. only good ref in Scotland I've ever seen with my own eyes was indeed the Israeli guy. completely strolled the full 90 minutes and knew all the rules of the game without making half of it up as he went along
  3. MarkD1989KTID

    Disallowed Goal!!

    Steve Clarke has class though and won't go on and on about it in the media or his after match comments so it goes unmentioned. The phantom offside of 2018 will be remembered by Killie fans as the night a linesman decided to see something no one else in the stadium saw. I'e also watched the Broadfoot penalty again and that is NEVER a penalty. May falls down like he's been shot with the slightest brush he's felt from Kirk. I spent 120 minutes watching Kris Boyd get stripped naked from the waist up by McKenna time and time again with McLean not even batting an eye lid
  4. MarkD1989KTID

    Disallowed Goal!!

    Never offside in a million years. linesman has robbed us of a semi final spot
  5. MarkD1989KTID


    cheers guys. Will keep an eye out
  6. MarkD1989KTID


    I know the game is on Hearts TV tonight...anybody able to post a link so we can watch it?
  7. MarkD1989KTID

    A message to the Referee

    You tried to make tonight about you. Did absolutely everything you could to make the headlines tomorrow. Tried everything in your power to stop the Steve Clarke juggernaut. And you still couldn't take the Killie. YNTTK. this wasn't about you. This game was about a team with amazing spirit, great never say die attitude. P.S what a terrible referee you are. Should be ashamed of that performance. P.P.S I'm absolutely buzzing
  8. MarkD1989KTID

    Neil Mccann

    He's an embarrassment. From start to finish the ref tonight was abysmal. The only man in the stadium who thought that was a penalty. Conveniently McCann missed that. Roaster. Been on the Dundee forum. Fans want him out. He'll be back in the sky studio soon talking about a game he knows nothing about. Sir Steve on the other hand. . , Every week Steve Clarke schools another manager on how to set up a team. Now that's a manager. Oozes class. Let's his tactics do the talking. Love him
  9. MarkD1989KTID

    Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Oh I understand the injured bit. it's the replacing him with Erwin bit I'm perplexed at
  10. MarkD1989KTID

    Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Power. . . Best player by a mile since Clarke has arrived. Erwin. . . worst player to pull on a killie shirt in years. Substitution at half time when up 1-0 and comfortable. . . Power for Erwin. Why oh why oh why oh why? BAFFLING Anyway let's get Celtic out of the way. be as competitive as possible in that match and focus on the games against those around us. if we have any niggles I'd rest them against Celtic and focus on upcoming games. Wee bit of pressure on us now to win our games in hand as it's very tight at bottom. some people on here getting carried away. squad has many faults that need addressed if not in January then the summer. 10th placed finish should still be our target.
  11. MarkD1989KTID

    Dons away 27/01 Fred

    I'm very surprised with Clarke's contacts that we haven't brought in a good 2 or 3 players. we definitely need to bring in some quality. struggled the last 3 games and squad really doesn't have much depth in quality. few days to hopefully do some business before window closes
  12. MarkD1989KTID

    Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    I don't disagree with anything this paranoid Celtic fan has said
  13. MarkD1989KTID

    Steven Naismith

    Hope he isn't going to hearts because of Craig Leveins style of play haha
  14. MarkD1989KTID

    Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    This article highlights how pathetic the Scottish media truly are. Every journalist is such a massive can't even pretend to hide it rangers fan that anytime a club doesn't instantly accept any bid for a player no matter how insulting the offer is they take the huff. they then scrape and trawl the barrel of Scottish football rangers supporting has beens looking for any angle that will support their pro rangers agenda. I feel sorry for them and the sad career choice they have made

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