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  1. I think the only way the contract would have been broken were if they club didn't pay the rest that the government didn't pay. The government were only paying out up to £2.5k/month, which most our players will be on and 80% of salary. But with the club topping up the rest no contracts have been broken. To suggest otherwise is nonsense. Believe me, I've had to do it with my company and read every bit of small print on the subject. The club have NOT broke the contracts
  2. That's still going to cost the club money, the whole point is they are trying to stop having to shell out cash
  3. How many games have we actually missed? Might not be due back as some folk think, every little helps the club
  4. Bottom line is, until the club stop the furlough of their players no training in any way can take place
  5. The club should clarify the position. If they cant afford to lose the money from last season's ST refunds then i think most fans would accept this and move on. For those who want/need the refund it should be made available. How many home games would we be due left, about 6? That's around £100 due back, not an insignificant amount to many families at the moment. It should be optional, and no discredit to any fan who would like a refund. Just a wee bit clarity needed
  6. is it not a training top that someone has got badged and named?
  7. email says 100k share available, £1/share with min purchase of 50
  8. I saw on twitter Gary Holt retweeting advert from Livi selling their ST's for next season! That's mad, be lucky to have fans back in stadium before October, very lucky
  9. sad but true, i certainly am not in a position at moment to renew mine after almost 20 years of owning a ST. Really fear for my job, and £300 may be money i don't have. Scarey times
  10. Back then clubs weren't as reliant on ST and TV money, just wealthy chairmen and they still had crowds back then bringing in weekly money, closed doors games won't have this. It is much a different time we live in
  11. if season isn't finished then it would be void, no champions or relegation.
  12. I'd imagine he would have more money to spend, be paid more himself and freedom to pick his own teams. Remember Martindale calls the shots at Livi
  13. The CQN game really did scunner me for the season, I was gutted to be honest. Really wanted a wee turnnto Serbia, and the place would have been rocking when they came to RP. Sums up the season all in all really
  14. Yeah it was. Seen them not given, but it was pen

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