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  1. That's based on all 66.65 million people in the UK having had the disease..... Which they haven't
  2. Not at all, I think the decision to appoint him originally was wrong. But the board has to take responsibility for appointing to massive failures as managers, it questions their decision making in this area
  3. AD's record indeed has been very poor, but if we were to sack another manager so early in to a new season questions really need to be asked about the Board's ability to make important recruitment decisions.
  4. If i were you i wouldn't put myself through the criticism you get here, too many arm-chair warriors who want to pick out the smallest of faults. Think people are expecting Archie McPherson style commentating, but miss the point that this isn't your profession and that mistakes will be made. You're doing a decent job and getting better, Mark Roberts was excellent today alongside Gav, should be a regular side kick now I'd say
  5. Tommy Wright said when he left St J that it was part of the deal that he couldn't go to another Scottish club fro 6 months, think that will be about October time
  6. Are they not at the game? In sure he was up at Ross Country couple weeks ago, did he not say that when replying to messages here?
  7. Right now Jack Whitehall could do more for us
  8. Don't think Broodfoot should be the scape goat here,McGowan and Findlay's displays were worse
  9. that's a bit of a sideways and not upward move I'd say. Could they offer him good bit more money than we could? Odd move really
  10. Love Elsie and Josie, but times have moved on, they either need someone to help in shop with them or some serious on the job training. We need to leave the "Open All Hours" routine behind us. P.s I'm away the "open all hours" pun might not be best to use here considering OP's complaint
  11. Don't get obsessed by it, leave that to the other half of Weegie-ville
  12. Why wait till half time to sub the lad, surely would have made more sense to sub as soon as the injury happened. Did he receive any treatment during the game? Suppose he may have kept it to himself till went in, but playing with an injury like that could have cost us more. Other than that I think we shouldn't get too down, getting beat by one goal by a club with better finances and one of biggest clubs in the country isn't the worst result. This is first time most of our team had played together in this set up and losing an early goal to a blunder didn't help but certainly there is gli
  13. Think the kid who designed it must have been cheek chewing as much as Conker
  14. sweet baby jesus, Captain Conker? It's a no for me. But I'm a middle age guy, for kids it's probably the muts nuts
  15. Absolute baws. No matter how good another SPL's team shirt is, I wouldn't buy it and certainly wouldn't go on social media to tell everyone about it even if i did (which i wouldn't)