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  1. Trojan76

    Attendance tonight

    I was in Dundonald Road end of East Stand and was very surprised at the number of empty seats around us. Considering they were saying the East had sold out I have no idea where that came from, there was block of about 20 seats in front of me empty alone
  2. Trojan76


    Is he not 22?
  3. Trojan76

    Tickets for Tuesday

    How can the club keep this when the ST seat may already have been sold?
  4. Trojan76

    Tickets for Tuesday

    I don't think Scottish Water waited especially for this
  5. Trojan76

    Tickets for Tuesday

    No, there are no plans to open the Moffat, that is certain. There are still approx 3000 home tickets available between East and West stands, the Moffat will not be open
  6. Trojan76

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Was in earlier, a guy with a club tie was saying to someone else that they don't expect sell out the East and no plans on opening Moffat as it would cost more than you think to do so due to costs incurred with extra stewards, catering staff, turnstile operators.
  7. Trojan76

    Boyd for Scotland? (seriously!)

    Can't believe Broadfoot isn't being quoted. He is playing some of best football in his career and is way better than Berra
  8. Trojan76

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    My ticket has seat numbers on it. Was a guy in shop today throwing a strop as his ST seat had already been sold. Also, has there ever been such a sloppy way of selling tickets, was taking about 5 mins to get each buyer processed and the chaos of one person taking your money and another,. Slowly, processing the tickets.
  9. Trojan76

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Agree, is going be mayhem. Why does this always seem to happy with Killie fans in big games, surely we should have some sorting if ticketing policy for these big games
  10. Trojan76

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Standing on Saturday? Wouldn't get that at RP
  11. Trojan76

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Can see mayhem with the ticketing policy, why can't they just print seat numbers and people sit in those seats allocated?
  12. Trojan76

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

    No chance, Wright no where near as lethal as Boydie
  13. Trojan76

    Sheep away

    Captain Kirk over Dicker being skipper ?
  14. Trojan76

    Sheep away

    Would imagine if the team set off then there will be very good chance the game is going ahead. Ditto if Steve Clarke is on radio saying he expects it to be on. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, traveling fans don't really get taken into consideration, as long as area around the stadium is safe and the Away team can get there, that is all that will be of concern to the authorities
  15. Trojan76

    Season tickets

    Not as good as Killie's free ticket when buying an adult one

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