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  1. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    well said, totally agree
  2. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    Totally agree, group of 6 of us going, I want us sitting together not sprinkled out as folk sit where they want. As to the argument about 1600 killie fans trying to find allocated seats in a stand they haven't visited before, or rarely, we'll 20,,000 of us managed it at Ibrox and Hampden in recent years for cup finals, it really isn't difficult. You've been allocated a seat, sit in it, it's not hard concept to understand. And if you want to sit with your mates, we'll you should have bought your tickets toghter. This has the potential of being the norm, selling out away allocations so it is something that needs to be sorted.
  3. Trojan76

    Boyd Testimonial

    I'm a ST holder and I'll pay the full price to get in. It's £10 and for a good charity. Surprised even offering such a discount for holders
  4. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    That's a pretty fair assessment
  5. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    Agree with you on that, it's another thing that needs move forward with the club upping it's game off the pitch, the folk in the shop cannot keep saying "sit where you want, the numbers don't matter" where now the actually do. I think the problem is that we have always had the ability to sit wherever at games in the past, but now things are becoming more successful things also need to change. Look at it like this, if we were at a cup game at hampden, you couldn't sit where ever you wanted as it would be a sell out, is this different ?
  6. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

  7. Trojan76

    Can we have a Hall of Shame?

    Sawyers, , end of
  8. Trojan76

    SPFA to poll members on plastic pitches?

    Would "an adequate winter pitch protection ssytem" not mean undersoil heatng? Straw and blankets wouldn't count these days
  9. Trojan76

    SPFA to poll members on plastic pitches?

    It had to come up as there was an issue with the under soil heating system leaking
  10. Trojan76

    SPFA to poll members on plastic pitches?

    would we not need a complete new undersoil heating ssytem also, was that not part of the issue in the first place, the super duper one we had installed turned out to leak and couldn't be turned on after 11pm due to noise?
  11. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    Why should we have to get there early just to get a seat that we have already been allocated?
  12. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    becasue the issue here is we are heading for a sell out of our seating allocation and people want to sit witht he others they have bought tickets with
  13. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    as long as you're alright fella and screw everyone else, nice one. This really is something the club needs to address, if seats are allocated fans should be told that they need to sit in them. Tbf , it doesn't help when the shop staff often say it doesnt matter baout seat numbers. If we are going to continue going to all ticketed games and sell out allocations, we need to address the situation about fans sitting in their allocated seats. It's simple, Young team like to sit at back normally and families away from this area, so pick seats in these areas when buying, that way all the young team are still together, even if buying tickets at same time or not.
  14. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    Probably a pay at gate for St mirren end, PROBABLY, but if you are best double check
  15. Trojan76

    St Mirren Away

    Well just sit in the seat you are allocated in first place, it's not difficult

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