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  1. I look forward to losing our first game at New Douglas in years now.
  2. The woman in the shop are nice. But I'll be the messenger when it comes to the new tech and systems they do struggle big time.
  3. TBH I've been slated before for this but say 7th/8th place with two cup quarter finals and I'd be delighted with that. Especially with a transition season.
  4. I'm still all for bringing the youths like Calum Waters and Ross Millen on more game time. Glad too see Cameron might be in for a shout.
  5. At least the fans that should of got into Belle Vue will get the grounds too themselves again.
  6. Can someone help me and explain what open expansive football is that I keep hearing about . Is this pass and move or just full on attack or tiki taka.
  7. Mohamed El Makrini thought I'd pick something as ludicrous as the game.
  8. With some quick business and some shrood business think we will be safe. TBH looking like a season where comfortable 7th will be decent.
  9. My friend wants to register as a memeber on this but it wont let him get past the security question. " What is the #1 Team in Ayrshire Hes tried Killie Killie fc Kilmarnock Kilmarnock FC All wrong
  10. Plymouth Argyle in the Championship and Toronto FC in the MLS
  11. Gary Megson would do this well. Or Paul Hart or Paul Marriner.
  12. Gary Megson would do a job for us.
  13. Jimmy Calderwood would do me till the end of the season it worked before. Or Gary Megson from England whose been out of work for a bit might fancy it.
  14. Its the 18th ive got so if the Playoff away is that date then i can go too that.

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