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  1. I have been ultra critical of Jones. I thought he was good for us but wasn’t too bothered he left, I was annoyed at the way he left. Sadly we have not replaced him adequately, despite his flaws. Stewart is a brilliant footballer. If he’d have stayed that full season we maybe have finished 2nd. Again I was annoyed by how he left, although more at the clubs involved than him. Bottom line is these guys aren’t our mates, they are footballers. Would they improve our squad? Massively in my opinion. I say (through gritted teeth) we swallow our pride with Jones if he’s available. Gives us badly needed pace. Stewart Is a total no brainer. 100% yes if at all possible.
  2. Tickets for this should be given to travel busses first IMO. Fairest way.
  3. I agree with the stadiums staying closed for now. They exist purely for people to gather in mass - which is an obvious no go. Same with pubs. However I do think they need to find as safe a way as possible to get the games on behind closed doors and on TV for people to watch at home. It's called a living room - not an existing room. We are coming towards a critical point as a society here. We've done the right thing locking this down I think but it can't go on forever, it just can't. The best thing the governments and leaders can do now is begin to introduce safe and sensible strategies for some normal activity. Of course, I'm not advocating you get 10 of your mates round to watch the games. Totally idiotic and disrespectful if you do. But These past 6/7 weeks have changed us forever. We will always be more careful with hand hygiene, social distancing now. Eventually we'll need to take steps and risks if we want any kind of normal life back. Eventually we need to trust that society will look after each other as best we can. If small, safe steps aren't introduced or planned for soon - - like live sport returning on tv - then I worry that people will take it upon themselves to take larger riskier steps out of boredom, mistrust and frustration. We need guidance on how to move life forward, safely.
  4. Walking is not the problem. Gathering is. House parties are. Walking is good for you. If you're following guidelines I don't get why there's an issue with it? There will be people taking exercise for the first time in decades. Covid -19 doesn't stop heart attacks, diabetes and strokes from happening. Those risks are still there and they need to be minimised. People need to move around and they need to breathe fresh air. I don't think it's been a joke in the slightest. Personally I'm over three weeks without coming into contact with anyone bar my wife, kids and a few folk in Tesco. Usually in that time I'm at Rugby Park with 5000 others, playing 2/3 gigs to 200 folk, working with around 100 young people per week, in pubs/restaurants/shops/gym with countless others. Meeting Pals, family etc. Thousands upon thousands of social interactions that haven't happened. Large swathes of the population are doing the same. Hugely reducing the chances of spreading this , or any other , virus. People are doing their bit in my opinion. It's the leadership and management of the whole situation I'd be critical of.
  5. Peter Lovenkrands getting hit by a large inflatable fish, thrown from the east stand.
  6. Andy Gray can throw it further than I can kick it
  7. Can see it back up and running in 4/5 weeks, with games behind closed doors. Season will finish June. Euros postponed till next summer.
  8. If you don't think we are in a relegation battle you are deluded
  9. Weird one. If we are going to scrape into the top 6 with no chance of Europe and the possibility of enduring Celtic winning the league at RP, I'd rather be bottom 6, have easier games and relegate Hearts.
  10. Better than nothing but not great content or production. Not a fan of the West Fm style stuff but that's just my taste. A bit cheesy.
  11. Folk saying "he made the same subs against Rangers and it worked" are actually emphasising the opposite point. A totally different game last night. As I said earlier, the first sub is understandable. The second was crazy after what happened after Burke came off. 2 minutes to go. Changes shape and invites pressure. Blame lies with individual errors yes, but no way Dyer gets a free pass here. Inexperienced management I think. Aberdeen throw caution to the wind because we put a white flag up bringing Johnson on. We effectively said "we are done. You have 3 minutes to score twice." Which they did.
  12. Fair enough. I get that perspective. Just think if we don’t make that sub we win. Disrupted us. But agree no accounting for Findlay doing that.
  13. In isolation I agree. When the same idea backfired 25 minutes earlier it’s naive.
  14. Anyone know where Harry Bunn is? Would have been useful tonight.
  15. Usually defend refs but thought he was very poor this evening

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