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  1. The old age pensioners won’t be doing a thank you message to wee burnie will they
  2. Which no thanks to the government they are
  3. Oh on the opposite of nightmares I had a dream last night where I was having some oral fun with none other than Michelle Keegan
  4. Pish , dreadful team our players bottled it that night, I’m still having nightmares over it
  5. Maybe like most of us he hates the bastards
  6. You’ll get a refund no problem
  7. Question for independence clowns , if we were independent would we be able to survive this without becoming bankrupt ? And what is wee burnie going to do when Westminster decides to stop or dramatically cut the furlough payments , will she still tell Scots not to go to work ?
  8. Sturgeon getting caught out on nearly every question and she’s getting very political now
  9. Aye the Newcastle district league that’s their level silly chunts , mind you I like going to tynecastle it’s a good day on the booze , we take a good support and normally win , I’d rather it was Ross county or at Johnstone going down
  10. Nobody else is using the tests

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