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  1. a bit like that knob head ryan frazer
  2. maybe it’s because he’s a current scotland international that nobody wants him
  3. griffiths is the best natural goal scorer in scotland but sadly he’s lost the plot so a no from me
  4. £15 to watch ross county on a computer ffs
  5. celtic knew nothing about it nor did lennon ,he probably won’t play for them again mind you if it was eduard ......
  6. why is the st mirren celtic game off though
  7. she shouldn’t be even near sportscene , has she ever even played men’s football ?
  8. DrewWylie


    plus he loves killie , brilliant wee guy
  9. deserved a draw today , battled well but ceptic were well below par
  10. maybe not outstanding , but he had a good game , celtic were s**te though

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