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  1. MJout


    Is the date in 2018?
  2. MJout

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Mouanda has been released.
  3. MJout


    It might help if we ever get a fan on the board as promised when we met the target. I pay every month but don't see much happening. Hardly going to entice new subscribers.
  4. MJout

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    I thought Smith left weeks ago?
  5. MJout

    Phyllis McLeish

    All very well but when's the fan on the board being announced. Lots of stuff in the media at the moment about hearts fans invovement in their club. Can't see many more subscribers in TIK at this rate.
  6. MJout

    Incomings and outgoings.

    samizadeh has left
  7. MJout

    Next Season's Strip

    From the pics not a patch on this seasons strip but to be fair it was a cracker.
  8. MJout

    Next Season's Strip

    Just bought mine in shop. Cracking effort.
  9. MJout

    Shirt Sponsors lunch

    Is this tomorrow?
  10. MJout

    Leo fasan

    More than a few.
  11. MJout

    Development League - Hearts (a)

    Doesnt look it. Early days though.
  12. MJout

    Development League - Hearts (a)

    Couldnt agree more. There are 3 or 4 very promising players in there but there is no strength in depth. Seems very little interest in develpment at the moment.
  13. To be fair he only answered a question that was right at the end of a longer piece. Dont think we have anything to complain about with lee. Gave his all in various roles with the club, walked at the right time when things werent working and brought some brilliant players to the club who we can enjoy watching every week. Just couldnt get them to gel as a unit.
  14. MJout

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    We really shouldnt have to wait till tommy is out of hospital to find out when the sponsors lunch is though. The other question is why is tommy working for st mirren. Is it because st mirren have a more organised commercial department and actually pay the going rate?
  15. MJout

    Sheep home, Fred

    Cant believe some of the comments re kiltie. One of our own with huge talent coming back from serious injury. He deserves at the very least some time and patience. If we cant do that whats the point. Probably the same ones who were saying a few months back that broadfoot erwin power brophy etc etc were not good enough.

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