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  1. MJout

    Standing Still.

    Yeah that worked well.
  2. Last time I checked goals in the second half of games count just the same as they do in the first half.
  3. MJout

    Reserved Seats

    There's always the sponsors lunch!
  4. I'd say about 250 at a rough guess.
  5. That was a team just put together on the day. We don't have an u 21 team so that was inevitable. Strange competition. As I have said wasn't much in it and we had plenty of chances. That would of been the first or second outing of season for some of the players too so rustyness is perhaps understandable. Very low crowd similar to devpt games last year and at those prices im not surprised.
  6. Scrappy game. Not much in it. Winner was a peach.
  7. MJout

    Current squad

    Oh dear
  8. MJout

    Current squad

    Better than broadfoot Findlay? Not in my book. Past his best.
  9. MJout

    Current squad

    Tsihnola no miss for me and greer would get nowhere near our team at the moment. Erwin was good some games not so good others. Mulumbu agreed is a big miss but we won plenty games when he wasn't playing. Agree another couple of signings would be good but either way I'm confident another good season beckons.
  10. MJout

    Current squad

    Not sure how virtually the team from last season who did so well and got all the plaudits are suddely deemed not good enough. We are a positive bunch.
  11. MJout

    Current squad

    I know it all went pear shape but it just shows you how well Mcculloch did in his first full transfer window. Don't think the current squad is far away from another cracking season.
  12. MJout

    Kris Boyd Testimonial year

    Agree 100%.
  13. MJout

    Kris Boyd Testimonial year

    Yeah that game will be fun when the Glasgow mob take over.

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