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  1. Lots of help out there for anyone needing it thankfully. The PFA Scotland are over this and offer player support. Players shouldnt expect much help from the clubs unfortunately.
  2. Talking about club not taking insurance to cover player injury. ie to cover cost of operations etc etc. no offence taken
  3. I totally agree. Another example of how the club is run by amateurs.
  4. You seem surprised. I know of one player with first team experience who was told he wasn't insured last season when it was needed. No idea if this is widespread in the squad.
  5. Killie don't even insure some of their players. Hardly likely to be insured against something like this.
  6. was and still is his priority imo.
  7. I've asked how to with no reply. At least MJ was upfront about being a w****r.
  8. So is he with his nice shiny hotel.
  9. Ps I'm quite happy to get away from this s**t show.
  10. Tish has been loaned out quite a number of times?
  11. All about opinions. Always thought Tish was exactly that.
  12. Wilson will be a far better player than Tish.
  13. What like Wilson then. Oh wait we let him go again. Bet he can't wait to get away from Killie for good.
  14. Checking out his main priority at rugby park. His hotel.

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