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  1. MJout

    Boyd Testimonial

    In all the reserve games I've seen devlin in he has always looked very capable.
  2. MJout

    Loan players

    Played today for our reserves
  3. MJout

    Reserve League cup v Hibs

    Another penalty shoot out defeat for killie. Will we ever win one?
  4. MJout

    Ross Millen

    Totally agree. Played well in all the reserve games I've seen him in too. Pleased for the lad.
  5. MJout

    Hearts away, Fred

    Totally agree. Thought he was solid all game. Great to see him get the winner and boy did he enjoy it.
  6. MJout

    Sheep match, Fred

    I'm judging broadfoot over the last year and he has been outstanding for us.
  7. MJout

    Greg Kiltie

    Thought greg played very well in the reserve game yesterday against hibs. Always looking to get on the ball and always an attacking threat.
  8. MJout


    It hasn't really in my opinion.
  9. Decent performance. Hibs keeper had a bit of a mare. McDonald sent off in closing minutes.
  10. MJout

    Hamilton Match Fred

    No they don't. They have a duty to fight for every point. It's up to us to overcome their gameplan.
  11. MJout

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Well said. Don't need any of this crap associated with killie.
  12. MJout

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Hardly glorious
  13. MJout

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Very surprised Burke didn't come on.
  14. MJout

    Form in 2018

    And some bookies still have us at 200-1

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