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  1. Bigdaw


    Burke was RW/RM/RB yesterday......Their was late in the second half three blocks/Tackles one after the other and he looked pissed off when subbed. Great player for the youngsters to learn from too.
  2. He proved today he is more than just a big guy to bully the defenders, His touch to bring down a long ball and his close control for the Pen , were top class. I can see him improving as the season continues.
  3. A left footed player can do that too. But MacKenzie on the left restricts us and causes an unbalance on the left side of the pitch. MacKenzie's best performances IMO are on the right. Its all about options though. Good to see the new guy can play left back or left MId and we still have Pinnock too. Squad is stronger because the options on the bench can put pressure on the guys in the Team.
  4. A few outstanding performances , But Nicky was awesome. I have not seen a lone centre forward for us dominate the two centre backs like that.
  5. Bigdaw


    Must be a nightmare to play against when he never gives up. Just need to keep playing the ball into the space and not look for him to win it in the air. He was superb today.
  6. Agreed its like finding a new player, Perhaps he just needed more games....
  7. By the way Dicker just had a double hernia op and after two weeks is back and played well, Yet the guy i work with had a single hernia and took six months aff. I will be speaking to ma boss on Monday , Dam skiver.
  8. Just having two left footers on the left side is better than MacKenzie on the left who always cuts inside or turns and plays the ball backwards.
  9. Really grew into the game. First 15 minutes our passing was not great, The long balls to Kabamba we simply bouncing off him or being won by the Celtic players, What changed i think was the long ball into space , Rather than Nicky head. Our passing was more composed and the Team looked like we did two years ago. Most impressive was the determination we show , Running, Tackles, , Blocks, Fantastic !!!!! Kabamba was great , never stopped running , But also his close control and composure against two big defenders was awesome. Millen was great again too. His crossing is so good. I think the lad will get even better as he gets more games. Tish also ( I did not want him to sign) But if he plays like he has in the last two games, I ll be very happy.....That's 3 good games now....LOL
  10. Watching the players run out of the tunnel and am talking to myself . Comon Dicker get into tae them Big Stu come on son. Nicky get a goal big man Right Tish same as last week. Burkie lets go wee man Boradfoot , FFS KEEP THE HEED AND NO FECK UPS.........LOL !
  11. Just don't have the same confidence that i had with Clarke in charge. I started to think we could win every week. But that was because we got results every week. Negativity will of course set in when the Team is inconsistent. I agree with no fans screaming at you we should have nothing to fear , Its just 11 vs 11 and who is more up for it. Much as i hate the plastic pitch , It should work in our favor. My only problem is chances created and Celtic will have the majority. I ll take a draw.
  12. Like Broadfoot , Its defenders with brains we need . Last week as a few on here predicted Broadfoot tends to be out of position and always chasing a forward. I can't say i remember the guy as standing out for Hearts , They did let in loads of goals last season, But perhaps that was more down toa slow Berra.....Anyway good to see they realised we still needed more defensive options.....
  13. Yeah headset is a must for this sort of game.
  14. I have looked at this and Post Scriptum. But not played either yet. Squad is very good and more like Arma 3 which i have played for years. But all these games to play them correctly you need to join a gaming Clan. They are not just join a server and shoot and scoot, Its the Team work that sets them apart. In Arma i was in a Clan for 4 years and we played 3 month campaigns with players divided into two Armies of 50 vs 50 with Leadership structure on each side. That was amazing. So if you enjoy the game try and find a Clan/Community.
  15. Also allows a change in style or formation. At the moment we don't seem to have a plan B. Its 4-4-2 that seems to be Dyers answer to not scoring when playing 4-3-3. But we are more long ball with 4-4-2.....Having a Stewart type player means ball on the ground and perhaps back to a more solid Midfield 3....

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