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  1. This could be the way forward. Lets face it last two transfer windows were terrible. I suggest we find the players and vote and then the club go and try and get them. It should keep Craigieboy busy anyway.
  2. Ditto and i d take Miller also.
  3. why not try groups of games. Say 10/20/30 and you use up a game when you attend. If you only got 20 games in this season then if you bought access to 30 the ten games carry on to the next season.
  4. won't be install that app. As previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio, as of Monday (11) more than 55,000 people had installed the new technology. The new trace, track and test app is being piloted on the Island before its launched nationwide. Ahead of its UK-wide roll-out, people have reported receiving scam messages purportedly generated by the app. According to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), the message links to a fake website which asks for the users personal details.
  5. As a partnership i thought Del Fabro and Findlay did ok. Both are more comfortable on the ball than Broadfoot , Broadfoot might be stronger and better in the air than Del Fabro , But his lack of reading the game and composure let him down. Having said that Findlay does make some mistakes in the box , Couple of which cost us. It depends on how what ever Manager want's the style of play to be.
  6. Dam well he wont be around much longer then.
  7. I was wondering if anyone who has seen the Youth/Reserves in action in the last season can discribe the 3/4 young lads that might be coming though. Positions , Skills , tall , short ect......Might give us a better idea of where we need players. I have seen Connell and can see he is a bigish lad with a nice touch , Played with his head up. Possible creative Midfield i think. Not sure about Taylor ....Midfielder ? What about young Gilmour , Billys younger brother ?
  8. I ment a study of who is out of contract. checking stats , wages required , asking contacts , checking which clubs are in poor financial positions and might have to release players.
  9. Our young players i think will be breakthrough/Squad members this next season. Seems to be 3/4 players from what i can see. I don't think we will see games were more than 1/2 will start games as it takes time to evolve into first Team players. With youngsters you will get enthusiastic performances , But they can also be inconsistencies , As fans we would need to be careful in how we critique them, Same for first team players behaviour towards them, So it might take time for them to be regular starters. I would like to see us trying to attract players from say the Scottish championship, I think most players are on one year contracts. If we know who the better players are, But as we have seen with Kambamba and Power their are some quality in our wage structure in the Non League in England. Theirs a guy scoring for fun at FC United who came from god knows where. The only good thing about the shut down is the Scouting at killie must have been able to have a good look at who is going to be available.
  10. Bigdaw


    I d take him , But no way he would come, our top wage is around 2 grand a week. He will be on a lot more than that.
  11. Bigdaw


    Their was not another option IMO. Loads of players with contracts that have ran out. Going to be even less money when a new season restarts and we will have to bring in young lads from reserves/youth IMO. Apart from the top three of Celtic / Rangers and Aberdeen .......Everyone else will be beating each other anyway.
  12. Big Killie away following for Cup game at Dundee in 1991
  13. Look at the Attendence , Same number was also at Rugby Park that season..
  14. I would include Christie too.

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