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  1. Strange that the heading on this thread is Kabamba but it has moved to Brophy. I like Brophy ,he works hard for the team and there are not many 100% penalty takers around. He has played for us in a team set up to defend , most other threads are full of posts about why we need a back 4 and 3 holding midfield players, it is no wonder he is not at a goal every other game. Yes he needs a bit more composure in front of goal , a bit like what Mixu got out of Sammon when he managed to make him more prolific. In one season Sammon went from a 'hope he is off soon player' to someone attracting interest
  2. Totally agree, it was reported last week that UEFA would consider it a concede unless a country could prove they could not make available 13 players ,including two goalkeepers. Aberdeen should have been made to play without the 8 players and Celtic should have played without Bolingoli and any of their players or staff who had been in close contact with him for more than 15 minutes without a mask. I just don't understand why given the extended measures now in place that St. Mirren are playing this week especially now they are reported to have two positive tests.
  3. I don't understand why St Mirren and Hamilton are not allowed to postpone their fixtures. Aberdeen and Celtic were allowed to do this. Usual SFA one rule for the big teams , stuff the rest.
  4. Harlequins v Bath today , 2,700 in a 14,500 stadium. Same distribution of seating would allow all of our season ticket holders to attend. If part of the drop in season ticket sales is people not buying junior tickets, then if we can let family groups sit together, we could get some of those sales back.
  5. No wonder Eddie Morrison is such a legend, as he also had a near goal a game partnership with Ross Mathie .
  6. Ian Fleming, along with Eddie Morrison one of our best partnerships. 51 goals in 94 games , scoring ratio 0.54.
  7. That 17 year old was being touted as a future star against Celtic the previous week.
  8. Any truth that Hamilton and Livingston voted against the test events as they would need to get more people to attend than normal.
  9. Because we still haven't received the children's size kits for this season
  10. We should be front of the queue for these events. According to the data reported on the BBC website last season we had the highest average of empty seats compared with capacity. Our ground has significant open space around it on three sides and there are only three potential pinch points that would compress the crowd. It should be easy to design a system that would allow 3500 to attend which would cover all of our season ticket holders
  11. We're the Lauchlans not part of the board that have us a league title and a Fairs cup semi final. I admit it did go down hill pretty quick from there on.
  12. Has anyone else already played the top four in this group this season. The next 7 teams are covered by two wins.
  13. Which is why the old firm signed the three of them with no intention of any of them getting a regular game. This is the distortion that has destroyed Scottish football.
  14. Great comparison but we should be only looking at top division points. It does show how unbelievable the performance was under Steve Clarke but we need to remember the league was more competitive when Waddell was manager and Scottish football was at the top of the European game.
  15. It was reported last year that Scottish football is highly dependant on match day income. In the current circumstances that probably means the team budgets are decimated. St Johnstone have not been able to name a full bench for most games. Why is anyone surprised when it is reported that the budget is spent.