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    Season tickets

    The games I have been at in recent seasons it has been noticeable how few under 16s are there. We need radical ideas to get young supporters hooked. I started in the 60's but there is no way I would have stopped being a fan even in the dark days of the old second division or now when I live hundreds of miles away. Back in the 60's most children didn't pay they were lifted over turnstiles. Let all under 16's in to the Moffatt for free.
  2. Kfcinlancashire

    Second Place?

    Even better if you check 20 ,15, 10 or 5 we are top of the league all the way
  3. Kfcinlancashire

    gers away, Fred

    3 straight wins against the ugly sisters, unbeaten in 5 against them . Must be back in the early sixties since that happened.
  4. Kfcinlancashire


    Thought Jamie Mac showed his class at the end waiting to congratulate Woodman. True sportsmanship .
  5. Kfcinlancashire

    Ideas from Stoke City

    Forget what the EPL teams are doing the television money distorts everything. We should be looking at clubs like Bradford and Huddersfield for ideas. Both boosted crowds with cheap season tickets and free tickets in schools. Increased crowds gave them better atmosphere and increased match day revenue. In Huddersfield's case the bigger crowds helped get better loan players and look where they are now. Our poor home record is not helped by the complete lack of atmosphere at Rugby Park these days.
  6. Kfcinlancashire

    15 mins into the new season...

    Living 200miles away I do not get to many games these days, I only made it to one league cup game and the Aberdeen game last season. The atmosphere is non existent, even back in the dark days of lower division football in the late 70s crowds of 1500 were giving more support. I was shocked at both games at the average age of the support we have a very low number of young supporters. The club need to do more to get people in, we had a smaller crowd than St. Mirren on the opening day of the season. We should look at clubs like Bradford and Huddersfield both were struggling with low crowds, they slashed prices, gave schools free tickets and got the crowds up both are now flying. We should all remember we are Supporters, get behind the players make some noise when things go well and keep the booing and jeering for the opposition.
  7. Kfcinlancashire

    Kristoffer Ajer

    Not in the squad for either of Celtic's games against Linfield. Needs to get away from Rogers to get games. Welcome back at Rugby Park.

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