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  1. Outstanding against Ayr but hardly set the league alight after that for a number of reasons. Far more likely to create something than the others who’ve played that position in his absence though.
  2. piffer

    F. Murray

    Think he’s got stars in his eyes. Too often he picks it up and only looking to come inside and try to be the hero. Doesn’t recognise he’s running into trouble and forgets as a winger he can take it to the line and try to set someone else up. As others have said his game has become predictable. Mix it up a bit and defenders won’t know how to deal with him.
  3. It’s not the point it’s the manner of the performance IMO. It was half hearted effort second to everything from most of the players in stripes tonight. A failure to do even the basics. All things considered a point is not the worst but we have to play better than that. We can’t just show up and expect to take something from games we have to make it happen
  4. There’s going long then there is the s**te good all we offered. If we had a player in the general vicinity of the ball it was more luck than judgement
  5. Too many Killie players showed up and expected something to happen without doing anything about it. Arbroath wanted something from that game far more than we did. They fought for everything while we were lucky to be second at times. A massive must do better. I can accept teams playing poorly but not when it’s blatantly obvious the biggest difference is that the other team simply want it more than you. Wright has to take responsibility tonight. The football was as poor as it’s been all season. We didn’t at any point adapt to the conditions.
  6. I watched a bit of the second half of their game. At one point there was a sustained period where 21 of the 22 players on the park were in the Livi defensive third. Livi packed things out very similar to Hearts 1st game of the season and threw themselves at everything. They were very clever both drawing fouls and giving them away in the right positions to break the game up. I don’t see Celtic having the quality to break that down. They played with two wingers and attacking fullbacks but consistently had one man in the box.
  7. What chance have we got practicing corners of Hemming just comes and claims everything
  8. Thoughts on this? Ref gave a yellow apparently
  9. We mentioned that in the first half
  10. More on this. This is the kind of thing fans love to see. Stokes has been a real leader since he arrived.
  11. Have to disagree with you. He was terrible last week but he did the most important thing. Having seen the highlights his run for the goal was superb. Be honest though he was getting hooked the next time the ball went out before it because he was offering no attacking threat which was what we required. Today he and Naismith could both have been hooked first half especially the first 30mins. They were all over the place and never on the same page. The biggest problem was the two of them not playing well at the same time. Second half he came out either having had a rocket up his arse or deciding himself he had to up his game. When he plays with purpose like that he’s exciting to watch. His drive was one of the big reasons we got the win. McKenzie is a managers dream. He can do so much for a team. This season at times I think he’s selecting the wrong style of play from the start. Play with the intensity and attacking instinct he had second half and he’ll tear teams apart.
  12. Some of Alston’s first touches today were exquisite especially under pressure.
  13. Thought he was terrible 1st half and excellent second. Sometimes the criticism is too extreme but at times it’s understandable. We know what he’s got in his locker In the build up to the penalty and a few times afterwards he showed what he’s got when he attacks an opponent with pace and determination. First half he was lost. Burke’s are big shoes to fill on that wing and you can’t play like he did first half today or most of last week if you want to mount a serious challenge for the position
  14. Calm as you like at the back today. What a difference a quality keeper makes. Claimed everything they threw into the box