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  1. Surprised Haunstrup isn’t starting. He’s shown up very well in the last two games. Id probably have dropped one of the CMs for Kiltie or a striker. No great surprise Dyer hasn’t. It’s crucial we stay close to Kabamba and don’t let him get isolated.
  2. Barca are an absolute clusterf**k at the moment. Messi has too much power and is reluctant to commit his future. He’s got suitors in England and Italy as well as apparently fancying playing for Newells in Argentina the club he supports. They’ve got an ageing squad which has served them well but because of the way the club constitution works they can’t afford to refresh it as they want. Any excess spend in a year has to be paid by the directors and not burden the club. The pandemic has cut their income dramatically so they have to sell before they can buy. With an election due soon directors won’t foot a big bill in case they don’t get in again. Add to that Xavi their first choice as manager has knocked them back twice.
  3. Given the length of the deal he’s clearly not expecting them to do much better in Europe than we did.
  4. Haunstrup deserves a start. Waters deserves to keep his place so I’d put Haunstrup in a LM. Drop one of the CM’s probably Dicker as the others IMO are better suited to playing as a two. Bring in another striker to partner Kabamba or Kiltie to play off him.
  5. I appreciate what your saying but for the club as a whole having people in positions because they have the club at heart is not always the right solution. Sometimes you need people capable of doing the job they are there to do. I said earlier I don’t have a problem with Gav. He’s typical club TV commentator. I think we can do so much better for a co commentator. A current player who is injured or suspended to give us the inside scoop. An ex player who can provide a footballers view to what’s going on.
  6. These subs can change the momentum of a game though. It’s a similar argument to the how many players do you leave up at a corner. Leaving more players up leaves you vulnerable but chances are your opponent will drop more back to cover them.
  7. Would I be right in saying we are running a commentary where no one has any real football experience?
  8. Need to start turning performances into results. This is rolling over from last season. Times we played well and came away with nothing or less than we deserved. Hopefully we can change the record soon. Cutting out the stupid mistakes that give opponents a goal of a start will be a big help
  9. I don’t mind Gav. He’s typical club TV biased and enthusiastic sometimes overly so. Cochrane is useless. To be employed by a club and not know players names is poor. His analysis is rotten. Get him hunted. Get someone like Mahood, Hay, Di Giacomo or someone from the ex players to do the co commentary.
  10. I think it’s fair to say they’ve cost us in all three games. We didn’t cover ourselves in glory for the first goal tonight and replays will determine if someone was at fault for the penalty.
  11. Don’t understand not using one tonight. Tish was pushed right up towards the end. Would Kiltie not have been better in that role. Kabamba although not as good as Saturday had put the CBs through a game. Replace him with fresh legs for the last ten and see if they are up to the challenge.
  12. Need to cut out the stupid mistakes.
  13. Based on the first half it’s a good point. Based on the second it’s probably two points dropped. Thought we settled for the point when it went to 2-2. First half was the same problem we had last season. Second we moved the ball quicker, Midfield gambled a bit more Getting close to Kabamba and we got our rewards Was impressed by Haunstrup again. Don’t think it will be long until he is starting.
  14. Can’t believe we’ve only made one sub. We moaned all last season about strength in depth. Now we have it we don’t use it

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