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  1. It’s still hard to believe that the Scotland call up was potentially the beginning of the end for him at Killie. Bachmann replaced him that week and we went on from there. When he came in initially he was a massive upgrade on Samson and provided exactly what we were needing. His series of saves in the cup tie at St Johnstone were exceptional. Players times come and go at clubs. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of years left in him at a decent level.
  2. The PFA up here appeared to advise against accepting furlough initially but like everyone else as things developed they changed their opinion. Only last week they were begging clubs to do short term deals and keep players on furlough.
  3. Club are making up the money to 100% wages which a lot of other employers aren’t doing. That’s a fair commitment IMO.
  4. I’m not sure where the link is but some on here have mentioned Burke saying he wanted the Club to get younger players sorted first then deal with him.
  5. McKenzie is hard to define as a player. I don’t think it’s unfair to say he is a squad player but he plays an unusually high amount of games every season for someone defined by that role. He is a very valuable member of the squad. Over the last few seasons you would probably not have had him as 1st choice for any position but he played a lot of football in that time.
  6. I like it. 97 is an iconic strip in our history. A welcome return to the stripes.
  7. I suspect he wasn’t given guarantees of being first choice. If he thinks he can get that opportunity somewhere else then fair enough as he’s a guy who wants to play every week.
  8. Speaking to Swansea fans I know they seem to be active in either making Woodmans deal permanent or at least extending the loan for another season.
  9. The Sun claiming we are amongst a number of clubs looking at McGowan.
  10. What about a set list of questions post match. The usual how do you think you performed etc. No reporter to dig them up about anything. I’ve noticed some of them can be cutting about their own performances so would probably give an honest answer.
  11. I think this has been brought up before but why aren’t they out there a bit more. I watched Boydy and Robert Snodgrass interview Wullie Collum earlier on YouTube. He comes across quite well and discusses various aspects of the game and the role. Similarly when Bobby Madden was on with Si Ferry he came across well and gets the chance to show themselves. Ex refs who appear on things like Off the Ball always seem to come across quite well also. Should they be available for more playforms. Give opinions post match etc. Allowed on highlights programmes.
  12. Would you say McCrorie would be a real class above like Bachmann was? I’m not against loans but I want them to be a huge improvement on what we could sign permanently.
  13. I’ve been impressed with what and I’ve seen of McCrorie and wouldn’t rule out signing him. I’m reluctant to go down the route of signing a new keeper every season though.
  14. Three experienced men ahead of him in CM, Kiltie keen to play at ten and every possibility we will add more numbers in his position. The lad may see opportunities limited and fancy his chances elsewhere.

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