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  1. Sporting Lisbon in the next round for Aberdeen Well play Hapoel Be'er Sheva interesting comments from the Nomads manager. Don’t think this will sit well with authorities Manager Andy Morrison says Connah's Quay Nomads "had to turn a blind eye" to players who turned up feeling unwell for their Europa League qualifying defeat by Dinamo Tbilisi. The game went ahead despite four players having tested positive for Covid-19 beforehand. The quartet and a fifth player, who has yet to test positive, are in self-isolation. "Three lads have turned up tonight and they
  2. Been watching the whole game. Well we’re cruising at half time. Completely different after the break. Two penalties but Coleraine good value for it. Well's bottle completely gone. The ball will require medical attention. It got blootered from end to end for much of the second half.
  3. Wonder what route we will go down with this one. The comment has been made that Eastwood is here to play. Since he’s been injured Rogers has grown into the first choice role and is finding a bit of form.
  4. If that’s the case the only change I can see him making from last week will be at CB depending who is fit. Same again everywhere else
  5. Did clubs not knock back handing over control to the authorities in the event of further lockdowns. If we see a repeat of the March situation then it’ll be full scale self preservation again. Only second and bottom would likely be against handing out the prizes.
  6. Joint bottom and only 3points off fifth seems to be the preferred way of addressing the current situation in many quarters
  7. Watching the St Mirren vs Celtic game tonight on a stream from St Mirren TV. I’d be really interested to know their fans opinions on what they are being served up. We’ve obviously had various complaints and opinions about our commentators but it’s minor compared to this. The commentary team throughout the game and Danny Lennon at half time all more interested in talking about Celtic than the club who employ them. Frank McAvennie employed as a pundit didn’t even bother with the half time stuff.
  8. I was surprised by how close people were seated to each other on Saturday. I expected a lot more distance between groups and individuals. That IMO made the tests a lot more relevant than simply having a small number in a big stadium
  9. Doesn’t change too much in terms of it being a must win game for us. Potentially gives a different type of pressure though. A lot more expectation on our players if they have a vastly depleted squad.
  10. I agree. All I meant is it’s now very rare we see a fringe player make an impression for the reserves and force himself into the team that next weekend. As if the mindset is don’t risk too many first team players. It is even rare to pick the backup keeper in the reserves now when you would think we’d want them with some sort of game time in them.
  11. The way the club have operated the last few seasons I doubt anyone who featured in this game will start on Saturday
  12. Are lower divisions still allowed to play trialist's in competitive games. Perhaps the PFA will keep a bank of players and put them through the testing process just in case they are required.
  13. Just caught the brief highlights on Sky Sports News. Having a decent game by the look of it. Few decent saves
  14. Just put on Sky Sports news. From the brief highlights they showed Bachmann is keeping Watford in their cup tie
  15. I hadn’t looked at numbers just thought it was more than that. Scored a good goal through there which upset the locals. Cracking finish at RP last season when we came back to draw the game.
  16. SPFL set the standard by making St Mirren play with no senior keepers available. Accies without three players shouldn’t be an issue. The only annoying thing is these two clubs being punished for what at the moment seems to be innocent acts while Aberdeen and Celtic get away with blatant rule breaks
  17. Got a decent goals return against them has he not?
  18. In all fairness with their track record on appointments would you expect the board to do anymore than a google search?
  19. Kiltie. We man starting to find form and confidence again. Only one who looked like causing a problem. Rogers had a decent run. Thought Pinnock and McKenzie looked lively
  20. It’s Hayes and Kennedy not Messi and Ronaldo. If they want to cut it at this level or go higher then that’s what they have to better. Are we going to make these excuses every game. The only one who seems to be criticised after yesterday is Dicker. Following some folks logic he should be exempt as well given he was up against Ferguson and McCrorie two of the best young midfielders in the division. Im suggesting the overhaul because we’ve won one game all season. No excuses or anything pure facts one win. That defence has played most of the games and has conceded cheap goals. Why not change
  21. Agree with you. McKenna made more of McKenzies chance than Rory did. Kilties effort was the only one that really troubled them. The waters chance he was probably the last person we wanted on the end of that. Lack of height and no aggression to get it. He’s a LB though The Dicker one I could have punched the TV. How many times is it said you’ve got to buy a ticket to win the raffle. Get the laces through it. Worst case scenario he misses and we don’t score. That happened anyway. Best case it goes in or we get a corner.
  22. SOD and Taylor were both outstanding fullbacks for us. Ben Gordon and Jamie Hamill under Mixu
  23. There were fitness issues at the start of the season which seem to have held McGowan and Haunstrup back. From there both Millen and Waters started well. IMO it was fair to continue with them. It’s probably the first time in their Killie careers they’ve been given a fair crack at it. at the moment I’m not seeing much to continue with them. Granted Millen is just back but they don’t offer the threat we’ve had from fullback previously. McGowan got his chance against and fluffed his lines. Should he have been bombed out against United or given the chance to make it right? We were desperate for a r
  24. Manager says it was just a knock but he had to get him off given the stage of the game. He didn’t want him hobbling about.

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