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  1. Is this completely off the table. Could it be launched later in the season?
  2. Does it mean both clubs wrote a number on a bit of paper and when they did the big reveal it was the same. Can’t imagine we will have received a huge sum for him. Maybe a few grand to cover what we’ve already payed him this season. Any more than that and we’ve done well for a fringe player.
  3. Wouldn’t imagine it will be a massive amount. Couple with budget we already have available and it might bring us into the market for a player previously out of reach or a contribution towards a loan player.
  4. I don’t see him featuring much. The lad needs to play. We’ve got five competing for wide roles at the moment and I’d say Thomas is the bottom of the list.
  5. Hibs confirm Wright and Nisbet
  6. Last talk was that would be cut price with Docherty back to Hibs on loan.
  7. They appear to have resolved their financial issues rather quickly.
  8. Absolutely no sense in it at all. Plenty of clubs up here have fallen victim to it. It’s only cases like Dembele where English clubs lose out that cause a fuss though. I think Fulham lost out on a couple of million in that one.
  9. Bit in the paper today about them holding training sessions at Mar Hall and breaking the lockdown rules regarding contact training. John Gall denying it was an official session despite the manager being present
  10. Cross border rules are different for development fees than taking a player from a club in the same division are they not. Celtic got Dembele for a cut price compared to what English teams would have had to pay. Sevco have exploited it for younger players from down south as well in recent years.
  11. They’ll be a bit annoyed then that Cosgrove is rumoured to have knocked back a £2million move to France.
  12. Got to think Fowler would have come across some of them in his time at Sunderland and Dyer will be aware through time spent down south and contacts he still has.
  13. Seems we are looking at Brandon Haunstrup(not sure about my spelling) a full back from Portsmouth
  14. piffer


    Livi have signed McCrorie on loan for the season
  15. Haven’t seen anything official but it sounds as if the UK blackout will return when stadia are back to full capacity.
  16. piffer

    Club Shop

    Had a browse at some other clubs merch. What we offer is bitterly disappointing in comparison. Even a quick look at Hummel’s website it wouldn’t be too hard to put our branding on some of that gear which looks of better quality than we have. Had high hopes given the disappointing range offered for the 150th but it’s clear little or no attention was paid to what the fans thought.
  17. The St Johnstone chairman stopped short of admitting that she was being used as an administrator to cut costs in an interview last season. Reduce outgoings and maximise income. That type of thing is never going to be popular With a manager. Especially when he sees them milking the OF cash cow and he’s not getting what he wants.
  18. Pinnock will hopefully be a good signing. Comes from a decent level down south. Will hopefully add a bit of balance to the side and ease the creative burden on Burke. A bit of pace is always welcome.
  19. Agard? Went on to have a decent spell in England but didn’t threaten a regular spot with us
  20. piffer

    Club Shop

    That looks like someone has bought a Hummel polo and an iron on badge then did a poor diy job. The club crest seems to be rather high
  21. Was he as big a prick when he was with us and we just had the Killie tinted glasses on. I know a few Sevco fans who have said he’s been a total wank since he moved there.
  22. I think part of the problem which rattled the support is things go really quiet. We had some fantastic output from the club with the ST video, Dyer, McGowan, McKenzie interviews and a snippet of how the players returned to training. There hasn’t been much since. A few lines from Dyer. Nothing from Fowler or anyone else in the squad. Again reading the papers there loads of stuff from all over the league but little about us. No one is asking for blow by blow accounts of the daily routine but some updates here and there would be nice.
  23. Another one in at St Mirren. Nathan Sheron a midfielder on loan from Fleetwood.
  24. There’s a bit in the paper this morning from Stewart Kettlewell. “The likes of Hamilton, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, St Mirren and ourselves have all been vying for the same players. We’ll have to be creative in how we sell the club and hopefully the culture is one people can see themselves fitting into.” It goes on to talk about them using a drone video to pitch to be signings. Hearing that it makes you wonder how many of the players who have come to the division this summer we’ve been in for and missed out on.
  25. Sky are dictating when fixtures are played and keeping 1500 Saturday games. Why aren’t we allowed to sell additional packages. Sky pay for x games a season. Why aren’t the SPFL making more packages available to Sky or BT, BBC, STV, Amazon, Netflix or anyone else. They keep going on about they’ll be the only product on show in August but are restricting the access people get to the product. Every game should be available for watching and not just through club streams.

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