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  1. One of the biggest problem for O'hara is that he couldn't make a position his own, never cut it as a CB, RB or defensive mid there was always at least 1 player better than him in each position, was a good utility player who can cover those areas and was a product from out youths if that wasn't the case nobody would really be all that bothered that he's leaving.
  2. If we play with Boyd you have to let Boyd do what he's good at scoring goals/penalty box striker, he never has been and never will be a striker like Magennis where he'd run around all day, if we play Boyd you need to get the rest of the team playing to how Boyd wants it, crosses/passes to him in the box, let the other 10 do the work and let him try and get the goals. It's not really worked in terms of scoring goals with the way in which we play with Magennis so it's not as if we'd be changing something for the sake of change.