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  1. Bang on. I mean, look at how the NFL dealt with that dissident Kaepernick fella. Textbook Communism.
  2. It did not even cross my mind until I read that. So I suspect many more wouldn't like one.
  3. Apart from that he's nailed it.
  4. Don't worry about them going to England. They will join the Atlantic League once they've signed Jardel and built the casino across the road from Ibrox.
  5. Have you furloughed all your staff?
  6. That’s pathetic from you Zorro. You should have under-tile heating at least. Patio heaters are for outside All Bar One.
  7. Apology for what?
  8. Fair enough, I was being facetious. If it was that simple, then yes. As Wrangodog said, some aren't even wearing them properly. Again, though, the ScotGov aren't talking about proper masks. Crash helmets, particularly bicycle helmets are a good example. They can help if you're in a crash, but if you haven't put it on properly or secured it properly, it will be next to useless. Same goes for face coverings. On more than one occasion I've seen members of the public wearing a face covering make physical contact with people trying to get something off the shelf in a supermarket. Morrisons in Killie have closed off the end of aisles in order to route people to tills. I had to get something at the end of an aisle, and when I turned round there were two women walking towards me with masks on, walking two abreast. I couldn't get past, so waited. They pushed past me, ignoring the social distancing. What's the point?
  9. If you fall whilst you're out walking, you might hit your head. You should wear a helmet. It's unlikely, but it is of a small and limited benefit, so you should definitely do it.
  10. Do you wear a helmet when you go out for a walk?
  11. I did watch the video. It's talking about face masks. I'm talking about the Scottish Government specifically not talking about masks, but using a scarf, when they say themselves that the evidence that they are effective is 'limited' and 'weak'. That is staggering. As for the Czech Republic response to Covid-19, I decided to look up what measures they took, instead of listening to someone on YouTube say that face masks are the only difference. They closed their borders, stopped foreigners coming in and issued a curfew. All before they had a single death from Covid-19. That's significantly different from the UK approach, and would have had a much bigger impact. New Zealand has just announced they have effectively eliminated Covid-19, thanks to the mandatory wearing of face masks. Oh no, wait, they didn't do that. That must be me cherry picking. The NZ advice actually clearly states 'If a member of the public chooses to purchase and wear a mask, or make their own mask, we ask them to please consider carefully how they use it. There are risks associated with using masks poorly.' So, to recap. The mandatory wearing of face masks wasn't the only thing the Czech Republic did differently, and therefore the comparison is irrelevant. Secondly, I understand that masks are effective - if you scroll up you'll see that I said PPE is effective when used correctly. However the Scottish Government are specfically not talking about medical masks - what is so difficult to understand about that?
  12. Same for some of the private carers (subbed by EAC) looking after my Dad. Not sure if it's indifference, poor training or rationing. Or all three.
  13. I'm questioning it because the Scottish Government themselves, have said 'the evidence of impact on transmission is relatively weak'. PPE makes a difference in a clinical setting because the clinicians are trained and the PPE has to meet a standard that limits transmission. The Scottish Government are advising that untrained members of the public should use 'a facial covering of the mouth and nose, that is made of cloth or other textiles and through which you can breathe, for example a scarf' As for the Czech example, is the wearing of face masks the only difference in their approach to the pandemic. If it is, then you have a point. If it isn't, and I strongly suspect it isn't, then the comparison is irrelevant. Correlation does not imply causation.
  14. The Scottish Government has now issued guidance that people should wear face coverings in enclosed spaces, despite them also saying that 'The evidence on the use of face coverings is limited' and that 'the evidence of impact on transmission is relatively weak'. What happened to following the science? In what other scenario would you advise people to do something based on weak scientific evidence. Insane.
  15. It depends on the type and leve of care. Often in the period after a hospital visit EAC carers will put together a package, and then transition to private carers. I think it depends on the individual, rather than where they are.

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