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  1. The UK government has seen sense and ditched vaccine passports. Here's hoping the Scottish government follow suit, before they have to do any hard thinking and figure out what a night club is.
  2. The Scottish Government has been uring everyone in the country to get tested at home twice a week for several months. Strange thing to say if there is a problem with the supply of tests.
  3. From a business perspective, not worth it. No-one is not going to games and giving the club money because of lack of legroom, so it isn't enough of a problem. Seems most move to the FB, the rest put up with it.
  4. Negative test results could work for everyone. That was my point. Why have two different systems? They are a better device to prevent the spread of Covid in these scenarios. The system already exists and works. Tests are free and in plentiful supply, and crucially, a negative test is a much better yardstick to tell if you actually have Covid.
  5. Yay! Nothing I love more than a stupid analogy. Comparing apples to tractors. You are allowed to drive a car that doesn't have airbags (or seatbelts for that matter, in certain circumstances). There isn't a significant portion of society that cannot wear a seatbelt (or similar) due to underlying health conditions. You can even get in the car and drive it without wearing the seatbelt if you like, but you risk a fine from the police if you do so. The key difference there is the police will only approach and apprehend if they have reason to do so. This approach to having passports assumes that you are doing something wrong, with no reason to assume that. What happens if the vaccine rate doesn't go up? They'll extend it to cover more things, you know, the things they said they wouldn't. Why aren't there, and why has there never been, vaccine passports for any other vaccine? Those diseases were presumably dangerous enough to warrant developing a vaccine, yet we've never needed an ID to prove we've had them. Perhaps that's because mandatory vaccination isn't palatable, and nor should it be. This is all to cover up the repeated failings of the Government to contain this. Test and Protect has utterly failed. Levels, tiers, phases, all failed. The benefits of vaccination for certain parts of the population are fairly obvious. If the Government can't convince a section of society to get vaccinated, that is their failing, not the people.
  6. We want cheaper prices! We want better players! Wait, what?
  7. I know you're not having a go at me, that's what discussion is all about! I understand why people might think a passport is a good idea at face value but in this case it isn't a more cautious approach. It's totally unnecessary bureaucracy to try and strongarm younger people into getting vaccinated more quickly.
  8. We don't need to accept Government overreaching and using a crisis as an excuse. They didn't need proof of negative tests when they were paying for half of our lunches last year, at a time when there was no vaccine. They don't need them now.
  9. In what way are they sensible? What do they achieve? They don't guarantee that people won't spread the virus in the premises they go into. They add cost to the businesses themselves, who have had a hard time of it as it is, and they will get reduced footfall because some people won't have the app, or can't be arsed with the hassle.
  10. Someone vaccinated can do the same. It may be less likely, but they can still do it. We have a 90/72 per cent rate for doses, and we're breaking daily case total records with regularity. Do you think that is all unvaccinated people? It doesn't add up.
  11. 'Ms Sturgeon said on Wednesday that although the hospitality industry as a whole would not be included in the certification scheme that decision would be kept under review.' Based on her previous record then, you will have to provide medical records to get into pubs and restaurants fairly soon.
  12. Maybe you get red after red because you post messages like they were a f**king telegram.
  13. It is a choice, and one that has been taken. Unvaccinated people can be let into grounds now. I was in a busy section of the East Stand on Saturday, and surrounded in all directions, no empty seats. I don't need to prove my vaccination status. We draw Rangers or Celtic in the cup, and surrounded by the same people, in the same seats, I now have to produce evidence of my vaccination status. I'm sure it's a coincidence that this was announced after the Old Firm game. And why? Surely the point is to prevent transmission? It isn't unreasonable for a double jabbed fitba fan to think they have a cold when they have covid, and off they trot. They get in because of their QR code, but spread the virus. I could almost see the point if vaccination rates were low, but they're not. They're spectacularly high, so they're asking people to prove something that 90% of people have. It's absurd. We're at a point again, where the Scottish Government have relaxed the rules, and then start wagging the finger at us for following the relaxed rules. Jason Leitch this week hinted that we might have to reimpose some restrictions, whilst in the same breath saying the modelling said this rise in cases would happen. You know, just like it did before they sent students to uni and then blamed the students for the rise in cases. I naturally blame things on incompetence rather than malice, but they make it bloody harder and harder to do so.