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  1. What make of telly is it?
  2. Isn't there to be a concert venue, tech hub and presumably a monorail to be built at the Halo™?? Or are we still waiting for all of that to be shelved for housing?
  3. I'd voice my displeasure in the now eight page thread about today's announcement. Probably.
  4. Credit where it's due, they are making an effort ahead of time to try and make sure everyone can get on and use it. Hopefully they can cope with the traffic on the day, and learn any lessons from that first game.
  5. Wait, @Zorro is Ruth Davidson? When did that happen?
  6. If it's half as good as Project X was then I'm in. (I've just looked that up and realised it came out in 1992. Sake.)
  7. No, and don't call me Shirley.
  8. Traitorous? Have a word with yourself. Just because they don't agree with you it doesn't make them traitors. You weren't on the border with placards the other week were you by any chance?
  9. I found a better picture.....
  10. I think as soon as the message changed from 'stay at home', a significant number of people stopped listening. It's why face coverings weren't recommended - nothing to do with droplets or aerosolizing - more to do with Joe Public being too f**king stupid. Except they can't really say that out loud.
  11. I know it seems like I'm getting at you @Dieter's Heeder, but it isn't you. Covid-19 is so new, there simply hasn't been enough time to digest and figure out exactly what it does and how it behaves. So these articles that are punted out are rarely peer-reviewed, and often use tiny sample sizes or something else that means they don't necessarily prove anything. As a general rule, if a news outlet is running a story on a medical study, and the headline has something in quotes, then you can safely ignore it. In fact, if a news outlet is carrying a story at all you should probably ignore it. We do know that hospitals are getting better at treating folk, so fewer need ventilated and fewer die when they get to hospital. That seems to get next to no coverage whatsoever. Instead we are having a go at young people who 'think they are invincible'. Well, statistically, they kind of are. For what it's worth, I've been out for dinner at Cafe da Vincis and had lunch at the Duke in the last couple of weeks, and both felt pretty normal. Both places are coping well with the restrictions. I've been to two pubs - First Edition is a bit odd, but it seems to work OK, but lacking a bit in atmosphere as you might expect. The other, which I won't name, wasn't quite as restricted, but it wasn't a large building nor a chain pub, so it's harder for them to operate in these conditions.
  12. Again, the study asked 1600 or so people to self report, which is always unreliable. Almost half weren't diagnosed by a doctor and didn't get any medical treatment at all. I don't doubt there are people out there suffering long term despite having 'mild' symptoms. However, it doesn't really make sense that asymptomatic people would have long term, er, symptoms.
  13. This has been the type of coverage that has worried me most. The study was of only 100 people, and only 11 of those were asymptomatic. It perhaps gives those doing the study a starting point for a much larger study, but you never hear about a follow up study done with 10000 subjects that didn't come to that conclusion.
  14. Where did you see this?
  15. Not really. You can agree that black lives matter without supporting Black Lives Matter. I don't know enough about the latter to say either way, but the former is easy enough to get behind.

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