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  1. In which case, expect to be able to buy the shirt in April. Not on Thursdays or Fridays though, the lassie doesn't work those days. The 3rd shirt will be more competitively priced than the home shirt, costing a mere £3999.
  2. It's 2020 old bean, everyone is IT savvy enough to use a computer now. In fact, I imagine if you stuck a student in front of a PC now they'd paw at the screen.
  3. Come back on Monday, then someone might be able to tell you.
  4. Scooby_Doo


    Findus Crispy Pancakes are oven ready but I don't think they are easy to stomach either.
  5. Probably not. But then no-one reads a story with the headline '98% of furlough applications legitimate'.
  6. No need to be nervous about goalies, I have it on good authority we are in for the Frenchman Bacqui Oot and the Italian Enni Mansave.
  7. He is still listed on the Fulham website, perhaps a loan? He has spent his entire career with Fulham, having been loaned out for the last three seasons.
  8. If ever there was a post that summed its poster up, this was it. After an edit too.
  9. Killiefc.com gold. A thread moaning we haven't signed anyone, followed by a thread mostly slagging off someone we might sign.
  10. Splendid piece of rumour mongering sir. Should add three pages to the thread.
  11. Did Branescu pay extra last season for his to go in the six yard box?
  12. Does that mean I'm not getting paid? It took me ages. Sake.
  13. Correct. And don't call me Shirley.
  14. Would rather sign his brother, Hurdy.
  15. Aye, but, but it failed. What was the failure rate when we relied on the match officials alone? Most of those criticising this in the media are the same ones that said we must have goal line technology after Lampard had his goal disallowed.
  16. I see your mistake @CSI Kilmarnock, you thought he said 'Rid the nation of Catholic schools', which could be considered institutionally sectarian. In fact, he said: Oh.
  17. If you're not institutionally sectarian, why did you only propose abolishing Catholic schools? There is no such thing as non-denominational schools in Scotland as far as I can tell. The others are Church of Scotland schools.
  18. Going by the post above yours, no. The account has been created for you. Login using your season ticket details as above.
  19. I think it might be difficult for the boy to get up and down the right side of the pitch with balls that size. Good lad.
  20. Funny how the SPL having its own TV channel was kicked out as a ridiculous idea not that long ago.
  21. Any chance you can change it to English?
  22. The remark about workers on furlough was a joke,aimed at your poor grasp of the furlough scheme. I apologise, I'll aim lower next time. To answer your next question, no I don't understand, because you can buy a Killie season ticket. I'm not sure why you've said you can't.
  23. Don't see why not. As long as the code can be read, and it corresponds to a valid ticket that hasn't been used for that 'event', then you should get in.
  24. And if you don't take a card, and nobody takes a card, they have more money to spend on better players. Do you understand that part?

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