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  1. c_u_jimmy


    Only a wee hook needed in this forum.
  2. Brophy always worries me when he hits it down the middle.
  3. Why does this mentality of "needing to hang on" surface every time we go in front? It never works.
  4. Come on guys, I've been watching Killie for many years and that is Killie luck. All the blame going onto these players is out of order.
  5. and brophy is off. no penalty
  6. Clearing from the west at the moment. Sorry no picture. Tomorrow windy for a while.
  7. Once again we have given up possession to them. Let them dictate the pace and the style.
  8. c_u_jimmy

    Big flag

    I think it might be the logo for the premier league which goes on the centre circle.
  9. Get Fowler over to Dundee for McGowan...Never stops moaning, never stops running. Always looking for the ball. Good range of passes. Can't be worse than what we have now.

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