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  1. Richaway

    Score prediction

    Negativity creeping back in. Is that it already for some folk. Ffs chance to go 6 clear of them. chance to close the gap on hearts etc etc. money aside, can’t believe we’ve not sold out our allocation.
  2. Richaway


    Thought the support were on a par with the team today. Not very good! atmoshere and encouragement was lacking from the stands
  3. Richaway

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Very surprised Boyd came on. hate to say it but it looks like he’s past his sell by date.
  4. Richaway

    Hamilton Match Fred

    2nd in the league is ok 1st would be brilliant
  5. Richaway

    Paul Gilroy QC

    Still cheaper than our previous lawyer...........
  6. Richaway

    Accies at home

    Would of been an ideal game for an innovative offer to entice new walk ups both home and away fans.would of had a good couple of weeks to publicise.
  7. Richaway

    St Mirren Away

    Who is it at the club that makes these calls? how can anyone misjudge this so much is beyond me. other areas are needing to keep up with the speed on field has. Improved
  8. Richaway

    Bus for Dens

    How’s the patter???
  9. Richaway

    Bus for Dens

    Have a good day fellas 30 degrees here
  10. Richaway

    The Crowd Thread

    Time to get an offer in place for the Hamilton game and advertise on west fm, Clyde and press. make it innovative and you will get loads of free coverage in the papers. this will get some of the missing back to see what they are missing.
  11. Richaway

    Huns away

    Going to be a scramble for tickets for this one.
  12. Richaway

    Motherwell next

    Let’s get this done killie
  13. Richaway

    Higher or lower than a 4

    Best chance in 50 years to make a serious challenge for the title if we can avoid injuries and suspensions. Needs hearts, hubs and Aberdeen to take a serious amount of points off the old firm though. Unfortunately a transfer window might be enough for Celtic to scupper any challenge from anyone in the league. 4th , nah........
  14. Richaway

    Motherwell next

    Surely a crowd of 6k for this one.
  15. Richaway

    Chris Burke

    Outstanding performance today. if we avoid injuries to key players this year we could seriously mount a challange

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