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  1. Richaway

    Chris Burke

    Outstanding performance today. if we avoid injuries to key players this year we could seriously mount a challange
  2. What is the injury?
  3. Hearing we may be sending someone to partick on loan
  4. Richaway

    We need a goalscorer

    We have goalscorers we need a creative midfielder or two
  5. Richaway

    "Together were Stronger"

    Think you will find it was a collapse in tv money that was the biggest problem back then. if we had these signings now we would probably not be far away from being serious title contenders. for a number of years we have had to endure teams full of nobody’s. if we stayed on that route we would soon of been down to sub 2000 home fans.
  6. Naecssh reguired is in to sign on the dotted line. There’s been loads of interest on him. contracts got hunners of terms and conditions but Kilmarnock are delighted that they can pay him a month in arrears. just awaiting his visa getting sorted. the physio has concerns about a pin though so it’s not a done deal yet
  7. Richaway

    Sevco Tickets

    Did you not tell him that he was being a fud? we will probably have a smaller home support than we had v Spartans what is wrong with our lot?
  8. Richaway

    Shirt Sponsorship

  9. Richaway

    Livingston pay @ gate

    For starters it’s £22 at RP. youre right it is a daft idea.! twentys plenty and we should have kept that stance at RP.
  10. Richaway

    2018/19 Season Expectations

    5 down, no danger today
  11. Richaway

    2018/19 Season Expectations

    4 down! well on our way now
  12. Richaway

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    You not keeping count?
  13. Richaway

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Sorry sworn to secrecy but it would have been our biggest signing ever in our history.
  14. Richaway

    2018/19 Season Expectations

    Go the full season unbeaten 3 down 40 odds to go.

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