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  1. Thought big Tish played Brown out of the game!
  2. Well deserved point against a team who only had one shot at goal. our goalie had an easy afternoon after the free kick howler
  3. Remember we used to give Celtic a game?? Clearly Dyer doesn’t!
  4. Broadfoot is a f**king liability! As long as the clique picks the team we are f**ked!
  5. Come back and see me at full time. Sometimes reality over blue tinted glasses is hard to accept! With that team the manager has handed the advantage to celtic!
  6. Manager showing his tactical naivety and how out his depth he is already! No surprise the Asst mangers son gets a game over a much better full back! Dressing room clique is still alive and kicking, wouldn’t be surprised if Broadfoot picked that team. At least 3-0 to celtic!
  7. Wonder if big Kirk has started the dressing room split yet?
  8. Taylor was excellent, put some great balls across goal. We are definitely weaker without him.
  9. But he’s not better than MaGowan
  10. It’s going to be a long season with the managers pet at centre half and the Asst Managers son at full back!
  11. Dyer isn’t the man for the job.
  12. Gesture is pointless, another example of how politically correct everyone thinks they need to be. I’m sure loads of people will throw out their tapes of “love thy neighbour” because a football player knelt and put his fist in the air! Hypocrites do damage the credibility of the organisation. As does the looting and rioting under the guise of BLM And I’m not racist, I’ve got a few black friends! In my experience Scottish people are more racist towards Eastern European’s than black people.
  13. A pointless gesture and paying lip service to the liberal MSM. Politics and football shouldn’t be mixed! BLM is full of hypocrites, just look at Lewis Hamilton.

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