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  1. Glencraigs_killie


    If true surely sevco must be guilty of speaking to ssc without the permission of the killie board
  2. Glencraigs_killie

    Happy new year

    A happy and prosperous New year to killie fans all over the world
  3. Glencraigs_killie

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Xmas and a very happy New year to all Killie fans all over the world
  4. Glencraigs_killie

    Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Welcome back to Ayrshire now let's make killie a team to be proud of
  5. Glencraigs_killie

    January transfer 2017 (in/out)

    .Umerah signing confirmed on official twitter on loan to end of season
  6. Glencraigs_killie

    Happy new year!!!

    Happy new year to all killie fans worldwide here's hoping for a good 2017 with a successful team on the park and a boardroom minus the parasite
  7. Glencraigs_killie

    A merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to all killie supporters and a very happy new year to all
  8. Glencraigs_killie

    Photo On Killiefc Twitter

    sorry about posting 3 times got a stutter
  9. Glencraigs_killie

    Photo On Killiefc Twitter

    This is a rough translation of the text in the photo ; I have come down from Scotland to cheer Pro Vercelli. And 'the curious story of five fans, all electricians, Kilmarnock, a town East Ayrshire Scotland. It is not the first time that these cute boys are at Silvio Piola and this time they matched the Pro Milan derby which was played last night. They attended a sabbath to Pro Vercelli - Vicenza and 24 hours after Inter - Milan. Their sympathy for the white tunics stems from the fact that they were fascinated by the history of the company of seven league titles and the passion for Italian football after Manuel Pascali, Italian player today under the Citadel but for three seasons defender of Pizzighettone and Carpenedolo at the time of the Pro League, he played precisely with the shirt of Kilmarnock (198 appearances, 14 from 2008 to 2015 networks). Saturday they visited the city and then watched the match at Piola. Among other Saturday at Vercelli stadium it was also a couple from Stockholm to cheer VERCELLI: dalla Scozia per gridare Forza Pro! Commenta la Notizia Articolo pubblicato il 21/11/2016 alle ore 19:09. VERCELLI: dalla Scozia per gridare Forza Pro! 4 Sono scesi dalla Scozia per tifare Pro Vercelli. E' la curiosa storia di cinque tifosi, tutti elettricisti, di Kilmarnock, una città dell'Ayrshire Orientale scozzese. Non è la prima volta che questi simpatici ragazzi vengono al Silvio Piola e questa volta hanno abbinato la Pro al derby di Milano che si è disputato ieri sera. Hanno assistito infatti sabato a Pro Vercelli – Vicenza e 24 ore dopo a Inter – Milan. La loro simpatia per le bianche casacche nasce dal fatto di essere stati affascinati dalla storia della società dei 7 scudetti e dalla passione per il calcio italiano dopo che Manuel Pascali, giocatore italiano oggi in forza al Cittadella ma per tre stagioni difensore del Pizzighettone e del Carpenedolo ai tempi della Lega Pro, ha giocato proprio con la maglia del Kilmarnock (198 presenze, 14 reti dal 2008 al 2015). Sabato hanno visitato la città e poi assistito al match al Piola. Tra l'altro sabato allo stadio vercellese era presente anche una coppia proveniente da Stoccolma per tifare Pro! SUL GIORNALE IN EDICOLA L'ARTICOLO COMPLETO
  10. Glencraigs_killie

    KFCSA Statement 27-9-16

    On holiday in America at moment good to see KFCSA releasing this statement hopefully this can spur a quick resolution to this problem and get rid of the pariah that is slowly killing off our great club.
  11. Glencraigs_killie

    Your Favourite XI

    My team would be:. Ferguson . McLean(s) Beattie Montgomerie Robertson . Burns Eeremenko McCulloch(Ian) McLean(t) Boyd McIlroy Subs Lekovic McGrory Bryson Mitchell Naismith Skora Wright
  12. Glencraigs_killie

    Televised Games outwith SPL ??

    Hopefully we will not need to worry whether our games will be covered in the championship as we will still be in the premier league c'moan the killie don't let us down
  13. Glencraigs_killie

    lifelong killie fan needs your support

    Done all the best
  14. Glencraigs_killie

    Kris Boyd.

    big boydie will nearly always score goals if you give him the right service remember he scored the goal against hibs that kept us up, hopefully if he is given a run in the team he can come up with the goods again.
  15. Glencraigs_killie

    Can l be first to say...........

    Well done to all involved new site looks brilliant

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