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  1. according to daily record confirmed case is from Killie
  2. Happy new year to all Killie fans all over the world here’s hoping all our aspirations come to fruition and our beloved club can get the results we all hope for
  3. Merry Xmas everybody let’s hope all our wishes come true
  4. Announced on official website welcome to the theatre of pies
  5. There is still another 3 weeks of the transfer window to go if we have not signed anyone by then that can improve us then I will be worried until then give the team all the support you can .
  6. Being 8 years old when we won the league title also winning Scottish cup in 1997 at castle greyskull and the victory against the tic in 2012 those memories will forever be in my mind bring on the next memorable chapter of the famous Kilmarnock FC
  7. Give the man a chance only been in the job about a month he will get better with the press once his command of the English language gets better
  8. 5Mailsport has indicated that we have interviewed Angelo Alessio for the managers job take it they have been trawling the forums to get some news
  9. Brilliant video thank you Steve Clarke for giving us our club back you will never be forgotten
  10. Scott Gemmill would cost the SFA heehaw to appoint him where as SSC would cost them a considerable amount of money to get him in place which would need to come out their slush fund
  11. Happy New Year to all Killie fans all over the world here’s hoping for another fantastic year where all our wishes come true
  12. Merry Xmas to all Killie fans near and far and here’s hoping 2019 is full of good cheer
  13. Archie McMillan stayed in Bringan Road his dad was one of the better policemen going about at that time
  14. If true surely sevco must be guilty of speaking to ssc without the permission of the killie board
  15. A happy and prosperous New year to killie fans all over the world
  16. Merry Xmas and a very happy New year to all Killie fans all over the world
  17. Welcome back to Ayrshire now let's make killie a team to be proud of
  18. .Umerah signing confirmed on official twitter on loan to end of season
  19. Happy new year to all killie fans worldwide here's hoping for a good 2017 with a successful team on the park and a boardroom minus the parasite
  20. Merry Xmas to all killie supporters and a very happy new year to all

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