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  1. KTID86


    Out of nowhere Rae said it was a shame there were "only around 200 fans behind that goal, it would be great to have a terrific atmosphere behind both goals".......... Nugget!
  2. It's pay at the gate mate. Cash turnstile in operation at the ground. Com'n the Killie!!
  3. Billy Gilmour got an outside chance of inclusion in Chelsea first team squad this season apparently
  4. How many people going down to Wales without tickets? I'm still thinking about it
  5. Will the draw be available to watch live on-line?
  6. I didn't have to fill in any forms for tickets this time. Everyone in the queue was simply asked "have you bought tickets here before".
  7. Same here. I was just in at lunchtime. Shop was busy. Only first 4 rows and edges left in the east stand. I bought 2 for moffat which also looked busy! Big crowd expected!
  8. Great support! Any know of good street parking close to ground?
  9. I was one of those PATG customers in the Moffat that your talking about along with another other 3 in our group.
  10. Happy Birthday to Allan McGilp who turns 70 on 2nd March. Love from all the family. Cheers Gav.
  11. KTID86

    Steve Clarke

    Please do. I feel for him right now. Must have been as tough, if not tougher night for him to stand and watch and listen to that. Vermin. Not all of them but a very large number of them. It's all religion and trash talk. Why can't we make a stand and say we're not having this anymore. It's totally shameful.
  12. KTID86


    I only asked the question because I had noticed someone mentioned it at beginning of the week. I stay in Glasgow and I'm going whether there's free buses or not so wasn't asking for my benefit! Let's gets a big crowd there and put Sevco out the cup!
  13. KTID86


    No further mention of free buses to the replay next week?
  14. The appeal is in......surprise surprise!!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47161011
  15. KTID86

    Dee away, Fred

    Very slow and bit overun at times in first half but totally battered them for full second half! Would have been a travesty if we lost that in the end. Very positive second half, I don't know what Steve Clarke says to them but it works!!

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