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  1. KTID86

    Thistle Away 7th April

    How many do you think we will bring up tomorrow?
  2. KTID86

    Thistle Away 7th April

    I missed out on Thistle away last time so really looking forward to this one and hopefully a big away support!
  3. KTID86

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Hopefully the young team are on the drum all game! Lets make it a noisy atmosphere to encourage the team. They certainly deserve it!
  4. KTID86

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Yes. I think you would have to move, otherwise it would be complete carnage.
  5. KTID86

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Sitting in your "usual seat" doesn't really matter but why does the club have to make it such a drama? It has to be either allocated seating or not. You cant then have pay at gate fans turning up ans sitting on allocated seats. Its baffling from the club
  6. KTID86

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    We took our seats in the East Stand for last nights game and were twice asked to move "as that is my seat". On both instances there was no please or thank you which wasn't a very nice way to be spoken to from fellow supporters. Of course I don't mind moving seat if I have accidently sat in someone's season ticket seat, but there are ways of asking. There is after all, no way of knowing what seats are reserved!
  7. KTID86

    Sheep away

    I'm sitting have a pint in my hotel for the night....guess who are here! Players currently in their final team meeting. Spike to Taylor and he is confident and pleased with large travelling support. Super Killie away!!
  8. KTID86

    Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    My first visit to Pittodrie. Can't wait to see the Killie win in Aberdeen! Will it be all ticket?
  9. KTID86

    Let’s be having you

    Two of us will be paying at the gate this Tuesday and I hope there will be many more doing the same
  10. KTID86


    Because it is terminology from a bye gone era and the fact people still use these terms is deplorable.
  11. KTID86


    Both as bad as each other. Surely we need to move in from this utter nonsense and have filled bigatory. Who cares what religion someone is?! Each to their own in my opinion.
  12. KTID86

    How do we boost the crowd for the Hibs game ?

    I totally agree. Kids needs encouraged to cone to Killie games as much as possible. They are the future generation of supporters after all.
  13. KTID86

    Steven Naismith

    I agree. Must be difficult having a friend who's a footballer when there's so much speculation though. Human nature to let a few things out the bag. That's assuming he wasn't pulling my leg. I do believe it's true he called Murty personally to seek a move. He was always Rangers mad growing up as a boy.
  14. KTID86

    Steven Naismith

    Im sure he hasnt been telling everyone. Just close friends. No reason why this friend would lie.
  15. KTID86

    Steven Naismith

    Heard Naisy has been on the phone to Murty asking about a move. Whether that means he will end up signing with them who knows. They are definitely his first choice no doubt about it.

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