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  1. Crocket

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    As you say it's a game of opinions, Macdonald's goal kicks are awful, fasan hits it really long. He even took a free kick back 10 yards yesterday as it was easier for him to keep the distance. I thought his kicks were fairly accurate, hit Boyd time and time again.....Boyd gets noticeably frustrated at MacDonald trying and failing to kick it to his side of the park. Again all opinions and preferences, only Clarke's has any effect on the team.
  2. Crocket

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    I prefer him. Hamilton goal was a freak goal...can't blame him for that. Yesterday...from my view it looked like he seen it late, but yea he probably should have done better. Overall though...his distribution is better than MacDonald, looked more comfortable coming out for the ball from crosses and when players are through, clearly a good shot stopper as seen yesterday from two great saves and genuinely looks more comfortable footballer. MacDonald is awkward to watch and I never feel confident with him. But thats my opinion
  3. Crocket

    Still Moaning About JJ

    It's also bloody hard to do anything with the ball at that pace, not many can manage it. The ones who can are worth £20mill+ for that reason.
  4. Crocket

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    I had one that required VPN to watch....tried to find out how to set up a VPN then lost the link and can't find it again.....disaster
  5. Crocket

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    has anyone got a working link?
  6. Crocket

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    Regardless of the hands on back debate...he missed the ball and kicked his chest, that's also a penalty. I can't get my head around why there's a debate about it. Also, the calls for the ref to think of the situation and how it effects players are ridiculous, Buffon lost the plot and was deservedly sent off, the same as it was a penalty. Great end to the game...could see it coming in the last 5/10mins.
  7. Crocket

    5 wins in a row

    Good stat, tried to forget that game happened. Should of won it with Erwin clean through, apart from that one of the most boring games I've watched.
  8. Crocket

    WTF !

    Me too. Getting onto M8 took an hour from the stadium, only reason I could see was a lane closed just after Kingston bridge for no apparent reason.
  9. Crocket

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Are you mulumbu?? Cause that's what happened in his eyes
  10. Crocket

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Were more threatening against teams who come at us rather than stand off. Our counter attack and quick play is our most offensive football but only comes from breaking down an attack (mostly) so against lower opposition it's a little tougher to create. This is where I see us growing next season. We are hard to beat and put in 1000% effort and it's working, next season we need to add a bit of quality and control games.
  11. Crocket

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Can we please have a special mention for mulumbu's mis-timed/mis-hit shot....one of the funniest miss-hits I've seen. It was harder to do what he did. I had it counted before he made the attempt...what followed was brilliant. He wasnt at his best as has been said but what about that turn while taking the ball out the clouds after 5mins. Great piece of skill.
  12. Crocket

    post split fixtures

    Why can they not just say, that's the fixtures at the start of the season and it's your luck who you end up with after split. Rather than trying to balance it out and upset clubs......I'm just not a fan of the split, never have been.
  13. Crocket

    Accies home, Fred

    Some of these comments are odd. We never had to get out of 2nd gear. Easily the most comfortable game I've watched, until the last 5 mins. We haven't mastered the art of defending after 3 subs have been made yet. Thought Power was motm, Erwin took his goal brilliantly and Hamilton are awful.
  14. Crocket


    I'll hold my hands up, start of the season I said he was done (as did he in fairness) and he has proved myself, many others and even himself wrong as he has kicked on to the boydie we know and love. The balance of the squad works in his favour and he takes those chances when they come. Well in big yin ⚽⚽
  15. Crocket

    Young Killie

    Haha My 5 year olds favourite song..... especially emphasizes "f**kin"

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