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  1. Looked like a big away support, anyone know the exact number?
  2. Some things get debated to death on here. If I had a pound for every post about Stewart since he left, I could of bought him back 😅
  3. Striker should always take the Pens imo. They are on the pitch to score goals, its arguably the easiest chance to score a goal and scoring them gives the player confidence. There's is nothing better than a confident striker on form, we almost have that in Cameron at the moment.
  4. Totally agree, cringe every time I see "the colins"
  5. It's more to do with Ronaldo being the stand out player at every club he has been at. International and domestic. Literally carried Portugal to winning the Euros. Made Man utd, Real Madrid and Juventus better and still stood out. With Messi, obviously unbelievable player. But Barca have then built the team around him and to suit him. They haven't been as good in recent years and Argentina have been nowhere near as good as they should be. I'd say they've had a better squad than Portugal for years but it never shows and Messi doesn't seem to have that influence that Ronaldo does. So I've always been waiting for Messi to go to that other club just to see if he can sustain they levels at a club that's not been built around him and then I'd step back and just applaud them both equally. Just my opinion right enough
  6. Always baffles me at why he never proved himself at other clubs like Ronaldo did. That why Ronaldo will always be my favourite.
  7. Becomes a farse to work out when you've 3/4/5 etc from same household that can all sit together. Then 1m surrounding them and then next is 1 person with 1m around them and so on. Glad I'm not the one planning it.
  8. I'm all for buying tickets in home end if you can get them... Just remember this though when it happens against us, like previous years when there's been meltdowns about gers/tic fans in our end. Swings and roundabouts
  9. Haha Killie fans at our finest right here.....we are some bunch. Its a friendly. End of story.
  10. He certainly played like "It was always going to be my last season up here." You don't want a player in your team who's mind is on that.
  11. Don't forget the 6000 daily fan zone at Glasgow Green....surely we'll be back next season.
  12. Some finish for his second
  13. Hold on....is that a defeat to St mirren I see?? But we've already beat them to be in the cup semi finals???? Some.short memories on here.
  14. Dicker has been honking for well over a season now, year late to the party guys. Should be nowhere near our bench never mind on the pitch.
  15. Build up so slow, I could leave my couch and be in the box at ibrox by the time the ball gets in there
  16. Credit to all you who persist with clubs TV. Sounds nothing but hassle.
  17. In my opinion clubs should have a list of candidates at the ready at all times and update it regularly for this very circumstance. Saves all this waiting around and narrowing down cv's ect. As has been mentioned previously, a jumper of clubs have replaced management in a few days, likely due to having either approached "candidates " beforehand or having a list at the ready. As a club we need to be more proactive rather than the reactive methods that are currently in place.
  18. That was not a conspiracy, just a question. I am also a front line worker and agree with your privileged argument. God some folk are touchy on here these days.
  19. I might be out of date here but do some of the players Mrs not work at the hospital that has just had the outbreak? Would make perfect sense if so and is outwith their control to an extent.
  20. Probably the closest to what it's actually like to be an away fan at park head, can't see anything anyways.
  21. I like the changes, but it screams long ball to kabamba with brophy playing off a knock down. Very little pace or creativity until top 2. Hope I'm wrong.
  22. I didn't mean to come across as slagging Millen, that wasn't my intention. He's been great. I was just highlighting how poor SOD had been for a while and was getting away with it after THAT season that he had.
  23. Nothing against Millen but is he looking better because SOD was so bang average at best last season? I've been looking for better than SOD for at least a season and a half
  24. Said this last year and got stick for it. Supposed to be our captain and gives away stupid fouls like that.