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  1. Not rubbish actually. It was reported as 1800 at the Boxing Day game - stand nowhere near “stuffed.” The only other time we played them there under Clarke it was considerably less.
  2. One of the most frustrating players I’ve seen at Killie. Unplayable on his day, but we didn’t see it nearly often enough. His performance against Motherwell the week after we won the league cup sticks out in my mind as one of his best. Think he just about set a new world record for nutmegs that day. Just unfortunate that he came across as a bit of an idiot.
  3. I’m far from convinced by him, but he’s hardly a fraud. A few weeks ago we were all saying how wrong he had proved us after the Rangers game. The squad is simply not fit for purpose and Dyer is not the main person to blame for that as far as I’m concerned. For me we just need to try and do enough now to guarantee our safety and then look to rebuild for next season.
  4. Once again only ourselves to blame. That’s 5 points we should have had chucked down the drain this week. Didn’t actually think we played badly at all, but we were rotten in the final third. Final ball was so poor and I never felt confident we were going to score. Agreed with Dyer saying the players were unprofessional - I could have forgiven us drawing the game as Accies are always tough, but losing it in that manner against 10 men is unforgivable. We seem to have totally lost the ability to manage games properly, which we were so good at previously. Massive game next week now - lose and we are back in serious danger.
  5. killie89


    Spot on. I’ve argued this for years when our fans start slagging clubs like Hamilton. The reality is they are a small club by Premiership standards - people need to get over it.
  6. Such a frustrating game. Seems like we just don’t want to beat that team. Played really well for most of the game, but decided to let them dictate things for some reason either side of halftime and it cost us dear. As with the cup game we only have ourselves to blame. Lots of really good performances, but it feels a bit like a defeat. Mcinnes talked utter pish after the game too, don’t know what game he was watching.
  7. Wonder if a few people had a wee virus related panic
  8. I nearly said a similar thing, but then realised the posts above were from after the St Johnstone game which made more sense!
  9. One of the best tacklers/ball winners I’ve seen in our midfield. We miss that terribly when he’s not there. He’s not the best passer in the world but nowhere near as bad as some people make out. He’s the type of player that some people will only truly appreciate when he’s gone. A few legitimate question marks over his attitude and body language at times this season but I still really hope he stays.
  10. “Hahaha! Mind that time I ditched Killie for Aberdeen and was a miserable failure (again). Then we both went to the Rangers and actually thought we’d get a game. What a pair of silly eejits we are. Mon the Killie. Hahaha!”
  11. Hamilton would have been proud of his behaviour. Said a lot for our 2nd half performance that he resorted to that.
  12. killie89


    I nearly made a Broadfoot joke when I said that but thought I’d leave it to someone else
  13. killie89


    I’m well on the way to having egg on my face over this and I couldn’t be happier about it. These last few games have been an incredible turnaround. The 2 up front has made such a difference - all credit to Dyer for being brave enough to stick with it tonight as it won us the game in the end.
  14. Absolutely battered them in the 2nd half. Can hardly believe these are the same players I watched at St Mirren a few weeks ago. What a difference in attitude, performance, everything... Bye bye Rangers
  15. Not really sure what kind of move O’Donnell thinks he is going to get. If he is determined to stay near to the central belt then we are surely his best option. I would think the Celtic ship has sailed for him. I would love to see both players stay as they are very important to us despite their flaws.

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